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The Events of 9/11 followed a Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario: Hijack and damage, blame, invade.

Manufacturing a Problem[]

In August 1996, Bin Laden issued a Fatwa (Religious order) entitled "Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places".

When it did not have any effect, Bin Laden created the World Islamic Front. In February 1998, it issued another Fatwa entitled "Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders". This Fatwa was also signed and supported by Jihad groups from Egypt and Bangladesh.

"Land of the Two Holy Places" refers to Saudi Arabia, the main source of Petroleum (oil). If Bin Laden successfully replaced the Saudi Arabia government, US Petrodollars would be in crisis. Therefore, Bin Laden became a threat to the superiority of US Dollars.

To act without letting the World know the real reason for it's actions, USA had to create an alternate problem. That NEW "Problem" was the events of 9/11.

Manufacturing a Reaction[]

The Manufactured reaction was to keep rebroadcasting the events of 9/11 over an over, cancelling all other broadcasts. And there would be no mention of the contents of Bin Ladin's first Fatwa.

Manufacturing a Solution[]

Now the citizens, and more importantly lawmakers will want action against the face in front of the 9/11 attacks. US declared a war against Taliban (Afghanistan) and Iraq. Note that there was a war planned against Iraq from the summer of 2011,[Verify] but US Congress (Lawmakers) had no intention of waging a war at that time.

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