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AIDS As Biological & Psychological Warfare

by Waves Forrest

Despite repeated denials from Defense Department officials, allegations persist that AIDS is a genetically altered virus, which has been deliberately released to wipe out homosexuals and/or non-whites in the U.S. and reduce populations in third world countries.

At first glance it seems like the epitome of paranoia to accuse the military of conspiring to exterminate citizens of their own country, and even some of their own troops. However, the vast majority of military personnel could be completely unaware of such a plot in their midst, while a relative handful of traitors in key positions could conduct it under cover of classified operations. And the circumstantial evidence is actually quite compelling, that the AIDS virus was artificially engineered, and planted in several different locations at about the same time through vaccination programs, and possibly blood bank contamination. At a House Appropriations hearing in 1969, the Defense Department's Biological Warfare (BW) division requested funds to develop through gene-splicing a new disease that would both resist and break down a victim's immune system. "Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases." (See - A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Chemical and Biological Warfare by R. Harris and J. Paxman, p 266, Hill and Wang, pubs.) The funds were approved.

AIDS appeared within the requested time frame, and has the exact characteristics specified.

In 1972, the World Health Organization published a similar proposal: "An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function, e.g., by ...affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function. The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens." (Bulletin of the W.H.O., vol. 47, p 257- 274.) This is a clinical description of the function of the AIDS virus.

The incidence of AIDS infections in Africa coincides exactly with the locations of the W.H.O. smallpox vaccination program in the mid-1970's (London Times, May 11, 1987). Some 14,000 Haitians then on UN secondment to Central Africa were also vaccinated in this campaign. Personnel actually conducting the vaccinations may have been completely unaware that the vaccine was anything other than what they were told.

A striking feature of AIDS is that it's ethno-selective. The rate of infection is twice as high among Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans as among whites, with death coming two to three times as swiftly. And over 80% of the children with AIDS and 90% of infants born with it are among these minorities. "Ethnic weapons" that would strike certain racial groups more heavily than others have been a long-standing U.S. Army BW objective. (Harris and Paxman, p 265)

Under the current U.S. administration biological warfare research spending has increased 500 percent, primarily in the area of genetic engineering of new disease organisms.

The "discovery" of the AIDS virus (HTLV3) was announced by Dr. Robert Gallo at the National Cancer Institute, which is on the grounds of Fort Detrick, Maryland, a primary U.S. Army biological warfare research facility. Actually, the AIDS virus looks and acts much more like a cross between a bovine leukemia virus and a sheep visna (brain-rot) virus, cultured in a human cell culture, than any virus of the HTLV group.

The closest thing in this case to a "smoking test tube" so far is the AIDS virus itself. If it was possible for such a monstrosity to occur naturally it would have done so ages ago and decimated mankind at that time. Some other life form would presently be in control of this planet (assuming that is not already the case).

The Hepatitis B vaccine study in 1978 appears to have been the initial means of planting the infection in New York City. The test protocol specified non-monogamous males only, and homosexuals received a different vaccine from heterosexuals. At least 25-50% of the first reported New York AIDS cases in 1981 had received the Hepatitis B test vaccine in 1978. By 1984, 64% of the vaccine recipients had AIDS, and the figures on the current infection rate for the participants of that study are held by the U.S. Department of Justice, and "unavailable."

The AIDS epidemic emerged full-blown in the three U.S. cities with "organized gay communities" before being reported elsewhere, including Haiti or Africa, so it is epidemiologically impossible for either of those countries to be the origin point for the U.S. infections.

Another indication AIDS had multiple origin points is that the 14-month doubling time of the disease cannot nearly account for the current number of cases if we assume only a small number of initial infections starting in the late 1970s. Before dismissing the possibility that a U.S. Army BW facility would participate in genocide, bear in mind that hundreds of top Nazis were imported into key positions in the U.S. military- intelligence establishment following WW II. U.S. military priorities were then re-oriented from defeating Nazis to "defeating" communism at any cost, and strengthening military control of economic and foreign policy decisions (See - Project Paperclip by Clarence Lasby, Atheneum 214, NY, and Gehlen: Spy of the Century by E.H. Cookridge, Random House.) There's no proof those Nazis ever gave up their long-term goals of conquest and genocide, just because they changed countries. Fascism was and is an international phenomenon.

It's not as if this was total reversal of previous U.S. military policy, however. Hitler claimed to have gotten his inspiration for the "final solution" from the extermination of Native Americans in the U.S. For that matter the first example of germ warfare in the U.S. was in 1763 when some of the European colonists gave friendly Indians a number of blankets that had been infected with smallpox, causing many deaths.

One indication of the actual U.S. military priorities regarding BW was the importation of the entire Japanese germ warfare unit (#731) following WW II. These people killed over 3000 POWs, including many Americans, in a variety of grisly experiments, yet they were granted complete amnesty and given American military positions in exchange for sharing their research findings with their U.S. Army counterparts. Consider also the callous attitude displayed by top military officials toward veterans suffering from the after-effects of exposure to Agent Orange and radiation from nuclear weapons tests.

In fact, since the end of WW II over 200 experimental BW tests have been conducted on civilians and military personnel in the U.S. One example was the test spraying from Sept. 20-26, 1950 of bacillus globigi and syraceus maracezens over 117 square miles of the San Francisco area, causing pneumonia-like infections in many of the residents. The family of one elderly man who died in the test sued the government, but lost. To this day, syraceus is a leading cause of death among the elderly in the San Francisco area. Another case was the joint Army-CIA BW test in 1955, still classified, in which an undisclosed bacteria was released in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, causing a dramatic increase in whooping cough infections, including twelve deaths. A third example was the July 7-10, 1966 release of bacteria throughout the New York subway system, conducted by the U.S. Army's Special Operations Division. Due to the vast number of people exposed it would virtually impossible to identify, let alone prove, and specific health problems resulting directly from this test.

Despite the loyalty of the vast majority of U.S. military personnel toward their country, there are clearly some military officials who have very different intentions, and they occupy high enough positions to impose their priorities on military programs and get away with it, so far.

The first detailed charges regarding AIDS as a BW weapon were published in the Patriot newspaper in New Delhi, India, on July 4, 1984. It is hard to say where the investigations of this story in the Indian press might have led, if they had not been sidetracked by two major domestic disasters shortly thereafter: the assassination of Indira Gandhi on Oct. 31 and the Bhopal Union Carbide plant "accident" that killed several thousand and injured over 200,000 on Dec. 3. The Soviet press picked up the story on October 1985, making it easy for U.S. Defense Department spokesmen to dismiss the charges as "Soviet propaganda," even though many other countries carried it. The Soviets recently retracted the charges, in the new spirit of US-USSR cooperation.

A variation on the AIDS-BW theory that is popular in far-right publications is that AIDS was developed in Soviet laboratories for use against the U.S. An obvious problem with this idea is that the victims of choice of a Soviet BW attack would be anti- communists, not minorities or homosexuals, who are generally more left-wing. The people at greatest risk from AIDS in the U.S. are in fact the very elements most disliked by arch-conservatives. In any case, it is simplistic to assume that one country, U.S. or USSR, is conducting this campaign against one another. Although concealed in apparent conflicts between nations, the real culprits are multi-national fascists on both "sides" still bent on massive population reductions and global domination.

Other motives include the old "divide and conquer" principle; AIDS is inspiring fear and mistrust between people, and scaring them away from relating to each other at the basic level of sexuality. It is acting as a barrier to the attempted cultural resurgence toward peace, love and cooperation. Of high school students surveyed last year as to which decade they'd most like to have grown up in, 90% chose the 60's. The last thing pro-war fascists want is another "love generation," especially if it is more politically sophisticated than the last one.

Apparently, homosexuals were an initial target in the U.S. because their sexual practices would help in the rapid spread of the disease, and because it was correctly assumed that very few non-homosexual citizens would pay much attention during the early years of the epidemic. Also, the stigma of a "homosexual disease" would interfere with rational analysis and discussion of AIDS. Bear in mind that homosexuals were among the first to be exterminated in Nazi Germany, before Jews or other minorities, so fewer citizens would object.

The details of precisely how the AIDS virus was synthesized, mass cultured, and spread by incorporating into vaccination programs are available but fairly intricate. It is beyond the scope of this report to present a crash course in virology, epidemiology, genetic engineering, and the military strategies of international fascism. Readers are encouraged to obtain and study the references cited here, and demand a full inquiry. Those officials who are actually involved in the coverup will reveal it by their inaction when pressed to investigate. Evil is hard to confront, especially on the preposterous scale we have here. If you acknowledge the presence of those who think their only hope for survival is to kill off two thirds of all the other kinds, and their ability to manage it, you then pretty much have to do something about it.

Three good sources, each which lists many other key references, are: Covert Action Information Bulletin #28 ($5), Box 50272, Washington, D.C. 20004; Bio-Attack Alert ($20), Dr. Robert Strecker, 1501 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041; Radio Free America #16 by Dave Emery and Nip Tuck (3 tapes, $10), Davkore Co., 1300-D Space Park Way, Mountain View, CA 94043.

This report was originally printed in - Critique - Exposing Consensus Reality, P.O. Box 11368, Santa Rosa, CA 95406. $15.00 for three issues (one year).