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The African National Congress (or just known as the ANC) is a far-left political party in South Africa and offspring of the South African Communist Party.

Between 1976 and 1994 the ANC killed more people then Apartheid killed in what was called ANC 's People War.


Kill the Boer documents[]

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During 1993, the ANC wrote a series of documents, detailing a plan to kill the white minority of South Africa.

The documents planned to do the following changes to South Africa if the ANC got power:

  • Rewrite churches into claiming god is anti-white.
  • Lower the South African economy in order to make the rich leave.
  • Make taxes for white south africans vastly higher.
  • Make Security Forces against whites.
  • Make purchasing weapons blacks only.
  • Free health care for blacks, payed healthcare for whites.

Research has shown that if the Kill the Boer goverment succeeded South Africa 's economy would drop lower then Sri Lanka 's economy.


Tainted Heroes[]

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In 2016 Forum films releashed a documentary, documenting the violence of the ANC during 1976-1994, the full documentary can be viewed here.


  • The ANC sung the Kill the Boer song multiple times at party events.
  • The ANC once burned white dolls while singing Kill the Boer and uploaded it onto Twitter.