The Conspiracy Wiki

The overall alien agenda: Promote an evil faction (reptilian), then present a savior faction (image of man) to free the World (humans) from impending doom.

The Alien agenda comprises two main groups of entities: (1) the Anunna “tall whites”, and (2) the Tiamat “reptilians”. Their agenda is to portray themselves in a struggle before mankind, so that humans will warm up to the one, likely the one who is in their image (the more human looking ones). Whilst the other plays the demon. It is a show of “good cop”, “bad cop”. So at the appointed time, the human cattle will move in droves into a desired position, whereby the humans will comply to all of the demands and requirements of THEY, less ye be consumed by the demonized ones (Compare with the The Krill Report (1988) by O.H. Krill).

The worst condition of the human mind is hopelessness, despair, and isolation; aspects that must be communicated with others before the appointed time.


  • UFO-Alien Database, Alien agenda —a complete synopsis on the alien agenda.