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The American empire, also known as Greater United States or Greater America, refers to the 48 contiguous states, and it's colonies, only 2 of which have been granted statehood.

Territory Years held 1940 population
Philippines 1899–1946 16,356,000
Puerto Rico 1899–present 1,869,255
Hawai‘i 1898–1959 (state after) 423,330
Alaska 1867–1959 (state after) 72,524
Panama Canal Zone 1903–1977 51,827
U.S. Virgin Islands 1917–present 24,889
Guam 1899–present 22,290
American Samoa 1899–present 12,908
Midway and Brooks 1859–present
Howland and Baker 1857–present
Wake Island 1899–present
Corn Islands 1914–1971
Johnston Atoll 1858–present
Jarvis Island 1858–present
Total Pop 18,883,023

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