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Some ancient buildings are so old, that the rising sea water level has submerged them. "In the Mediterranean alone, there are over 200 documented cities or settlements that are sunken." Examples of sunken structures, worldwide :

  • Underwater City of Thonis / Heracleion, Egypt
  • Underwater buildings around Mexico
    • Underwater city on the west coast of Cuba[1]
  • underwater Pyramid, coast of Azores islands, near Mediterranean sea
  • Yonaguni monument, coast of Japan
  • underwater city of Dwarka, coast of Gujrat, India
  • Lumeria / katalkol (islands or continent)
    • Sangam Literature: Iraiyanar Akapporu
    • indigenous Australian tribe speaking in Tamil,[2] an Indian Language
    • Aboriginal artifacts found underwater, in Australia's west coast[3]
    • jalasayana temple complex, India, with 6 buildings under the sea