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Territorial claims

Antarctica territorial claims

Antarctica committee

The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat headquarters, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Notice the pyramid shaped committee)

The Antarctica conspiracy claims that there is an access point to Hollow Earth, as well as underground bases and pyramids believed to be extraterrestrial in origin, that the world governments are keeping a secret.


Antarctic Treaty secretariat Emblem

Official ATS emblem

Antarctica is controlled and monitored under the Antarctic Treaty System established by the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat. Its headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The treaty regulates the general populous in all visits to Antarctica. The continent was mapped in the middle ages as if it had been inhabited by a pre-civilization.[1][2] Antarctica is rumored to have a major vector point to Hollow Earth directly at the South Pole.


Antarctica pyramid like

Antarctica, pyramid like formation

Rumors of pyramids are said to have been found throughout Antarctica. Since the 1800s mass graves of eight foot long skeletons, and elongated skulls have also been found. In 1939, the Nazis found ancient ruins in underground caverns accessible only by submarine. In 2016, religious, political, and scientific groups have visited various ancient sites all within about the same time frame.[3] It is suggested that Pizzagate helped distract the attention that was given to the oddly recent visits to Antarctica. Google Maps is covering up any anomalies that are claimed to be in Antarctica.[2]

Unusual recent visits

New Swabia[]

Deutsche Antarkitische Expedition, 1938-39 (badge)

1938–1939 Nazi expedition logo


- New Swabia (1939–1945)

New Swabia flag

See this footage at Secrets of Antarctica

Antarctica, water cavern

Antarctica, water cavern

In 1939, Nazi Germany occupied the region of New Swabia and established a base called New Berlin.[4] The Nazis explored underground caverns, only accessible by German U-boats. They discovered a series of the underground ancient ruins.[2]

On 26 August 1946, The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program commenced Operation Highjump to establish an Antarctic research base called Little America IV.[5] In 1947, Operation Highjump engaged in a fight against the Nazis discovering Hollow Earth.[6]

Station map[]

Antarctica Station Map

Antarctica Station Map

Missing persons[]

Antarctica's missing people cases are listed as follows:

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