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What follows here is an analysis of events starting late in the evening on July 19th, 2012, just little over an hour before the shooting, and continuing up through the the following day.  The analysis below was compiled in part using over two hours of unedited police and fire audio recordings that were streaming live via the internet during the shooting.  At it’s peak, over 7,000 people would be listening to the live audio stream and bits and pieces of it exist all over the internet. It should be noted that there are other, much shorter versions of police and fire audio that exist on the internet which have cut out major portions of the audio transcript here to highlight only the important parts the source wanted to highlight.  Those altered audio recordings can seriously distort the timeline of events (either intentionally or unintentionally).  It is this author’s belief that the audio used here is the most accurate version of recordings available.

This analysis of events also combines untold number of hours of audio and visual recordings of eyewitnesses who claimed to be involved in some way with the events of the shooting that early morning and gave their testimony on local and national television stations in the hours and weeks after the event.  It also takes into account hundreds of “official” news articles about the shooting as reported in the months following the event.  Whenever possible, eyewitness accounts and reported facts in the news are tied to time markers captured during the police and fire audio transmissions so the reader can compare what is actually said on the audio vs what eye-witnesses claim was happening inside the theater. When reading the narrative below therefore, keep in mind that times preceded with the ~ symbol are estimated times based on eyewitness accounts while times without a ~ symbol are exact radio transmission times based on time stamped data on the audio recording.

For your reference, the shooting begins at approximately 12:38 am MST (local time in Aurora, Colorado). Also, when reading the transcripts of the police and fire audio, be aware that the back side of the theater where James Holmes was allegedly apprehended is commonly referred to on police and fire audio channels as the “east side” of the building or “Sable side” due to Sable avenue which runs behind the building. References to “green”, “red”, or “black” patients is a reference to their medical condition.  “Green” patients are injured victims that are in stable condition, “red” patients are injured person that are in critical condition, and “black” patients are victims that are dead.

When reading the following narrative you will want to pay particular attention to any activity happening (or not happening) on the east (Sable) side of the building.  This analysis will focus heavily on what is happening at the back of the theater in the first half hour or so of the event as recorded by eye witnesses accounts and police and fire dispatch audio.  

Lastly, it should also be noted that Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado  is located DIRECTLY across from a police station and is often frequented by off duty police officers who serve as plain clothed security guards on busy nights. Perhaps this is the reason police can claim they were on the scene within 90 seconds of the first 911 call.

~11:30 pm MST (July 19) - eyewitness Jordan Murphy and his friends arrived at Century 16 theaters with their advanced tickets for the 12:05 am showing of the Dark Knight Rises.  According to eyewitness testimony, they would be through the line, inside and seated in auditorium nine by approximately 11:30 pm. According to Jordan Murphy, already at this time, a full thirty-five minutes before the movie, the theater was full and the only seats remaining available were in the front rows. An off-duty theater employee who was also in the audience that night confirmed that auditorium nine seats 415 people and it was sold out.  Based on the theater’s definition of a “sell out”, that means there were at least 350 to 400 people in that theater that night.  In less than an hour, over 70 of them would either be dead or injured. Jordan and his friends would find a seat in the third row from the screen towards the middle of the theater.  From this vantage point they would have had a great view of James Holmes if he entered the theater and sat in the front row as the official story suggests. However, Jordan Murphy nor his friends would report seeing a man matching James Holmes description enter the theater that night or sit anywhere near them.  They would however have a great view of the shooter as he entered the theater through the emergency exit to their right in a little over an hour.

Around the same time Jordan and his friends are seated, a young 23 year old man by the name of Corbin Dates would report taking a seat  and saving one for his best friend Jennifer Seeger in the second row from the front.  They would be seated on the right hand side of the theater as your face forward, right next to the emergency exit.  Corbin would sit one seat in from the aisle and reserve a seat for Jennifer directly to his right.  Jennifer Seeger would describe her seat as being directly in line with the emergency exit door through which the shooter would later arrive and therefore, she says, she would have been the first person the shooter saw when he came into the theater that night.

~11:35 pm MSTSometime shortly after he was seated, Corbin Dates recalls seeing a man come into the theater behind him and take a seat in the row directly in front of him (the very front row). Corbin Dates would be interviewed many times and retell the same story over and over.   On NBC’s television show Hardball Corbin Dates would state that he believed there was more than one person involved in the shooting and that one of them, the man sitting in front of him in the front row, had a goatee.  His exact statement on Hardball would be, “Prior to the movie even starting when I came and got my seat at the theater, a guy walked into the auditorium after me and sat in the very front, first right row and got a phone call...took his phone call towards the emergency exit and not the lobby and had his foot propped open by the door. It seemed like he was making gestures...uh..trying to find somebody or trying to have somebody come to his location where he currently was.  After that, I’d already stepped out of the auditorium to bring my friend in and when we came back the movie was just starting and the lights were dimming and that door seemed closed.”  Notice carefully that Corbin Dates does not describe how the man was dressed, what he was wearing, or what color his hair was, an especially telling omissions since James Holmes allegedly had bright orange hair and the official narrative wants us to believe this man was in fact, James Holmes.  As we know, James Holmes was arrested sporting his now infamous flaming orange hair and of course James Holmes did NOT have a goatee as Corbin said the man in front of him did, so this seems nearly certain to be someone other than James Holmes.  Corbin’s lack of describing the man’s hair color as orange is odd to say the least if this was indeed James Eagan Holmes.  Additionally, Corbin Dates, would also be asked later on national television if the man he saw that night in the front row was the same man as the shooter and Corbin emphatically would say “NO, it was a different man”.  When asked if he would testify to all of that in court, Corbin said, yes he would. Even MORE telling is Corbin’s reaction when seeing James Holmes in court for the first time on television three days later.  Corbin’s initial reaction was caught on live camera as he watched the video from the courtroom.  Corbin was clearly shocked and surprised, saying that no one who was there that night would think that man (James Holmes) was the shooter. He makes no reference to having ever seen James Holmes before. He does not for example say, “Hey, that’s the guy I saw sitting in front of me that night!”  Clearly this is the first time Corbin has seen James Holmes. So who was it that got the call and propped open that emergency exit door? According to Corbin’s testimony, right after he saw the man inside the theater propping the emergency door open, Corbin then went to the lobby himself to get his friend and returned just as the lights were dimming and the movie was starting.  

~12:00 am MST (July 20) - Previews start in the adjoining theater to where the shootings would take place.  Theater or "House" eight shares a wall with theater nine where the murders would soon take place and the movie in that theater would be approximately five minutes ahead of theater nine the entire time.  Theater ten, down the hall, would not start their previews until 12:15 am, fifteen minutes later.

~12:05 am MST - At approximately 12:05 am. as confirmed by a movie theater employee who was in the theater that night, the house lights in theater nine dimmed and movie previews began playing.  Corbin Dates returned with his friend Jennifer Seeger just as the lights were starting to dim and he recalls that the door at the emergency exit seemed to be closed now.  

~12:38 am MST - Almost universally, all eyewitnesses attending the movie that night say that about 20 minutes into the film (approximately 12:38 am local time) a man came into the theater through the emergency exit door. According to eyewitnesses inside theater nine, the movie at that time was in a very quiet scene (inside the bat cave).  Next door in theater eight, the Batman movie was running slightly ahead and was in the middle of a gunfight scene with lots of explosions.  It should be noted that some early eyewitnesses reports claimed that the shooter actually kicked in the emergency door and that even some of the local and national news agencies reported this as fact for a short while until it was pointed out that emergency exit doors cannot be kicked inward as they are designed only to open outwards in case of an emergency.  Most eyewitnesses just recall that the shooter suddenly “appeared” through the emergency exit doorway without explaining how he got in through the door.  

James Wilburn was sitting in the second row of the theater when the emergency door opened.  He recalls that the shooter was “dressed in black...wearing a flak jacket and a gas mask."  Jennifer Seeger, was also seated in the aisle seat in the second row and claims to have seen the shooter enter the theater through the exit door beside her.  Jennifer would recall that she was literally sitting four to five feet away from him and, according to her, would have been the first person the shooter would have seen.

From her vantage point high up in the opposite corner of the theater, an off duty employee in the audience that night known affectionately on the internet as “batman girl” claimed that at first she thought the man entering through the exit door was dressed like batman. She recalled also seeing two additional men standing behind the shooter, silhouetted by backlighting in the hallway of the exit door where he had entered.  While no other eyewitnesses I have found corroborates this statement of other men standing behind the shooter, given her positioning in the opposite corner and up high, it is likely this witness could have seen something others did not from her unique vantage point.

The shooter was dressed in all black from head to toe and was described by witnesses as appearing to be a SWAT team member, a professional killer, or someone trying to dress up like batman.  Among other details, the man was wearing a bulletproof vest, gloves, throat protection, a helmet and a gas mask.  Ironically, most of the eyewitnesses who saw the shooter enter just figured he was part of the show that night.

Witnesses Paul Otermat and Isaiah Bow agree that the shooting began during a very quiet scene in the movie in theater nine (the scene where they were in the bat cave).  They also agree that there was a shooting scene going on in theater eight at the same time.  Witness Quintin Caldwell in theater eight would also confirm in his report that the movie in theater eight was about 15 minutes in and there was a chase scene going on with lots of gunfire.

At this point various eyewitnesses recall seeing the shooter pop the top off of a canister of some kind and hearing the hissing sound of gas.  Chayiel Jackson, for example, was in the second row on the left side of the theater and remembers seeing the shooter enter the theater on the right side looking like SWAT. He then recalls watching him as he threw one gas canister into the audience over everyone’s heads.  Multiple eyewitnesses describe watching the trail of smoke as it flew across the room to the far side of the theater which shared a wall with theater eight.  Some recall watching the projectile hit the ground in the middle of the far aisle and one even described it spinning in circles on the floor, smoke expelling from it just before it exploded.  At least one witness described the color of the gas canister as being green, though in a darkened theater it would be nearly impossible to note the color.  The second gas canister  witnesses say, was thrown along the right side of the theater closer to where the shooter was standing and where he had appeared through the emergency exit door.  

Despite the majority of eyewitnesses who saw two gas canisters thrown by the same shooter, witnesses Fassil Eyayou and Evan Morrison indicated on televised interviews that they thought there was more than one shooter based on the belief that the second can of gas came from the other side of the theater.  While I do not wish to dismiss the possibility of accomplices at the rear of the theater , I do want to address this eyewitness account specifically since it has received a LOT of attention.  To be fair with the facts, the majority of eyewitnesses claim to have seen only one person throwing multiple gas canisters.  The suggestion that one canister came from the “other side of the theater” from the shooter has already been partially explained by the majority of testimony.  For example, if the shooter threw a gas canister over people’s heads to the far back corner of the theater, it is very possible that Fassil Eyayou and Evan Morrison simply did not see that canister thrown and assumed from it’s location in the opposite corner from the shooter that it was thrown by someone else or “came from the other side”.  Again, this does NOT rule out the possibility of an accomplice to the shooting.  However, for the record, I believe both canisters in theater nine were likely thrown by the same shooter as this matches the majority of eyewitness testimony and Fassil and Evan’s testimony to can be explained easily as a misunderstanding.

Witnesses in theater nine, whether they saw the shooter at first or not, recall hearing two loud explosions and seeing smoke appear inside their theater along with the sensations of stinging eyes, irritated skin, choking and coughing and other signs possibly related to the expelling of OC gas (tear gas).  In the adjoining theater, theater eight, many witnesses also describe hearing loud explosions as well that were much louder than the gunfire they were hearing in their current movie scene (likely the initial gas canisters exploding in theater nine or possibly the sound of the shotgun which was used soon afterwards).  At least one patron joked to his wife how the sound effects were getting really good.  

Almost immediately after the explosions in theater nine, patrons in theater eight near the rear of the auditorium, recall seeing, hearing, and smelling gas.  This immediate infusion of gas in theater eight, along with other supporting evidence yet to be revealed, have lead some to believe that gas must have been set off inside theater eight as well. In other words, how could gas from theater nine so quickly get into theater eight through a solid wall separating the theaters? ~12:39 am MST - At this point, according to witnesses, the shooter raised his shotgun towards the ceiling and fired a single blast into the ceiling then lowered it and began firing directly into the the theater audience. Eyewitness Silvana Guillen confirms that the shooter would fire “4 or 5 rounds” before switching guns.

12:39 am MST - Within seconds, 911 calls began flooding into Aurora 911 dispatch reporting a shooting taking place in theater nine.  Both Aurora Police Department (PD) and Aurora Fire Department (FD) dispatch channels will begin broadcasting live response to the event over police and fire radio channels streaming live over the internet.  From this point forward in the transcrip, times without a ~ preceding it are hard times from the police and fire audio transmissions. At first, very few people are listening live as the following transmission comes out from Aurora PD dispatch.  The female dispatcher begins by calling out the numbers of two Aurora police officers in an audio transmission that has now been heard by nearly every American in the nation,  “315 and 314 for a shooting at Century theaters, fourteen three hundred East Alameda, Avenue...they’re saying somebody’s shooting in the auditorium.”

~12:39 am MST - When the shotgun was emptied, the shooter then smoothly transitioned from the shotgun to his AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle and began firing quickly into the terrified fleeing audience.

12:39 am MST - Back on the police dispatch channel, the following transmission is heard, “315 and 314 there is at least one person that has been shot but they are saying there are just hundreds of people running around.”  At this point the Aurora PD dispatcher calls for all available units to respond to the theater.

~12:39 am MST - The killer was described as indiscriminate, shooting men, women and children of all ages. At least six victims were taken to Children's Hospital in Aurora that morning, two of which, according to doctor Guy Upshaw at Childrens, would be struck by a high velocity rifle round from approximately 60-80 feet away, a considerable distance across the theater.

12:40 am MST - Just over one minute after the first 911 calls start coming in, the Aurora Fire Department starts getting dispatched to the scene. The following transmission is received on air from a female dispatcher on Aurora fire channels, “Engine Eight, Battalion One on a shooting...nine george two...Century theaters, fourteen three hundred East Alameda Avenue....across from South Abilene.”.  Engine Eight will soon play a very disturbing and key role in the logistics outside the theater so keep paying particular attention to Engine eight throughout this narrative.

~12:40 am MST - Twenty year old Meghan Walton of Boulder, Colorado was in the adjoining theater, theater eight with a group of ten other members from the Friends: Association of Young People who Stutter.  She was sitting beside her eighteen year old friend Gage Hankins from Ohio and remembers vividly when he was suddenly shot in the arm just before he was rushed out of the theater. She recalls seeing “a whole lot of smoke in the isle" and "...about three of four bullets shot near the smoke." She remembers running from the theater with her friend Gage, her hand holding onto his arm and recalls feeling heat.  "My eyes were blurred by the smoke,” she said “It was like chaos. People were crying hysterically." On the way out of the theater she counted at least twelve people who were bleeding. Official explanation for the shooting victim in theater 8 and the smoke and debris found there is that bullets were coming through the wall from theater 9 where the shooter was. Some conspiracy theorists however point to other eyewitness testimony that suggests a second shooter may have been in theater 8. Some conspiracy theorists have made much of the existence of shooting victims inside theater eight as proof positive that there was an additional shooter inside that theater.  Claims have been made that the wall separating theater’s eight and nine are made out of cement blocks and therefore no bullet could have penetrated the wall from theater nine. However, numerous eyewitnesses inside theater eight recall seeing bullet holes appear in the wall between theater’s eight and nine. This combined with the relatively small number of victims struck in theater eight leading this researcher to believe it is plausible that all gunshot wounds reported from theater eight could have come from theater nine.  Flashing forward a bid, sometime later, Meghan Walton would escape theater eight and would remember seeing ambulances starting to arrive on scene.  Meghan claims that there were far too few ambulances for the number of patients needing help. "The worst,” she recalls “was a man who was shot in the head. He had his hand on his head"  As the scene outside unfolded she recalled that "They started doubling up, putting two people in the same ambulance. One girl who wasn't injured as badly as the others was placed in a police car and rushed away." 12:40 am MST - Meanwhile, about one and a half minutes after the first 911 calls start coming in, Aurora PD dispatch reports on air, “Somebody is still shooting inside theater nine, per an employee.”

~12:40 am MST - inside the theater eyewitnesses described the shooter as methodically stalking the aisles of the theater, shooting people at random, as panicked movie-watchers in the auditorium tried to escape.  Many describe the shooter as appearing to be a professional hitman who knew what he was doing.

Sharon Segura and her husband would be sitting in the third row center in the next theater over (theater eight) and described seeing bullet holes coming through the wall from theater nine. Sharon and her husband attempted to exit the theater through the nearest exit doors by the screen but found the door was locked. They and other witnesses describe how frigtened people in theater eight were running to the exits near the screen but found the doors were locked and people couldn't get out. Patrons were described as just huddling by the exit doors unable to exit. Later in the audio police will call for bolt cutters indicating that the exit doors to theater eight had been chained shut. This fact has not been reported by mainstream media. It should also be noted that both theaters eight and nine share a balcony up top (the only two theaters in the complex that have that arrangement) suggesting the shooter intended to leave theater nine at some point and continue his shooting spree in theater eight.

Jennifer Seeger recalls waiting for the shooter to pass by her to the other side of the thater and making a run for the exit. Then she recalls how someone came running into the theater nine exit from the lobby on the right side telling everyone to get back inside because there was a shooter out in the lobby shooting people trying to exit.  Similarly, Quintin Caldwell in theater eight reports someone telling people in their auditorium not to leave theater eight either because a shooter was in the lobby.  Someone, he says, then closed the exit doors to theater eight at the back of theater, trapping the frightened patrons inside. He then recalls seeing smoke coming through the holes in the wall adjoining theater nine.

Some theorists use this eyewitness testomoniy as evidence of a second shooter in the lobby, however, the official narrative based on eyewitness testimony suggest that the single lone gunman in theater nine simply walked out of the exit on the left side of theater nine and briefly into the lobby for a moment to shoot people exiting both theaters before re-entered theater nine again on the right side.  Several eyewitnesses have come forward claiming that this is the explanation for the “shooter in the lobby”.

Jennifer Seeger claims that she and her friends were suddenly forced to return back to theater nine to take cover and watch helplessly as Jennifer says the shooter returned from the lobby into the right side theater exit they had just tried to escape from (suggesting he exited out the left side and came back in through the right side exit).  Jennifer would later go on national television’s “Good Morning America” and recall how the shooter exited the theater only to wait outside the doors and pick off patrons as they tried to exit.

12:41 am MST - A police lieutenant is heard calling in over police scanners “Lincoln twenty-five, give me cops on the back side of it also.”  Other officers on air at this time are calling for an ambulance at Expo and Sable avenue. Note that this is the rear of the theater within about 90 seconds of the first 911 call. There is no mention of the shooter outside and is presumably still inside the theater.

~12:42 am MST - By 12:42 am, according to official reports, the shooter should have already stopped his shooting rampage and James Holmes would have been apprehended (remember the report is that hew as detained about a minute to a minute and a half after the first 911 call). Aurora Fire Department audio reports that multiple victims are being staged outside the theater.  Up to four victims are reported so far and the fire department dispatch has alerted everyone that they are going to need gas masks to enter the theater.

~12:42 am MST - Sometime after the shooter returned to the theater from the lobby, several witnesses claim that the shooter’s gun malfunctioned or jammed and that he just suddenly stopped shooting.  Christopher Ramos, an eyewitness in theater nine, recalls vividly that the shooting kept going on for a minute and a half to two minutes and then suddenly just stopped.  Christopher then says that for some strange reason unbeknownst to him the shooter stopped but did not leave the theater. Instead, he just stood there.  Christopher couldn’t explain why the shooter was just standing there.  At that point, several witness claim the shooter then calmly left the theater through the same emergency exit near the right front of the theater he had come in from.  Some believe he then went out back and sat in his car where he was apprehended by police and still others believe he walked out and was seen by police just standing around when Aurora Police Department happened upon him. Officially, the entire shooting lasted no more than a minute, to a minute and half.  In that time the shooter was able to throw gas canisters, walk up and down aisles killing 12 and injuring more than 70 others, walk out into the lobby, and return to the theater before calmly walking away out the rear of the theater before the first officer arrived.

Multiple news sources confirmed on the day of the shooting that “Holmes was apprehended within minutes of the 12:39 a.m. shooting at his car behind the theater, where police found him in full riot gear and carrying three weapons, including the AR-15 assault rifle, which can hold upwards of 100 rounds, a Remington 12-gauge shotgun, and a .40 Glock handgun. A fourth handgun was found in the vehicle.”  This early report would later be supported by the Chief of Police himself, Dan Oates at his first press conference around 3:15 am local time and also at 11:30 am the same day when he claimed that James Holmes was apprehended in about a “minute to a minute and a half after the shooting started.”  This means that the entire shooting was over and James Holmes was allegedly in custody by approxitely 12:42 am MST.

12:42 am MST - officer 316 is overheard on police radio saying, “316, I got people saying theater nine still.”  The dispatcher responds, “Yeah, all of our RP’s are saying theater nine, where Batman was playing?...another RP is saying they are still shooting.” Aurora Fire dispatch is also reporting on air at the same time, “...we just are having units get into the scene now. There may still be somebody actively shooting.” Both Aurora PD and FD scanners are reporting victims shot outside the front of the theater.  Both channels are reporting a shooting still in progress.

Keep in mind, this transmission comes AFTER the time the official reports are saying James Holmes is in custody.  Rememeber, the first 911 calls came in at 12:39 am and official reports are that the first officer was on scene at the back of the theater in 90 seconds and that the shooter was arrested within about a minute and a half of the first call.

12:43 am MST - Police are advising that someone may have sprayed some gas in the theater.  They are calling for additional officers inside theater nine.  The fact that they are calling for “additional” officers suggest some are already inside theater nine at this time.  Aurora Police scanners then reveal an officer notifying dispatch that he has the back (east side) of the theater “covered.”  The exact transmission would be aired live, “Eleven, we’ve got the back covered and the south side covered.”  We now have officers at the back of the theater and presumably inside the theater and no mention is made of having suspect in custody. In fact, it is still characterized as an active shooting scene. Erin Post and Julie Nguyen describe their escape from the theater and recall passing a woman with a gunshot wound in her leg trying to get out of the theater. Shortly after, a female officer broadcasts, “fifteen six, we’ve got another person outside shot in the leg, a female, I’ve got people running out of the theater that are shot in room nine.”  Another male officer reports that he has a victim on the north side of the parking lot. A male officer is heard asking on air if they have gas masks available. Aurora fire dispatch is reporting that there are at least three injuries at this point. 12:44 am MST - The primary lieutenant on scene breaks in over the police scanner  “Lincoln twenty-five, I’m being told that he’s in theater nine.  From what I’m smelling inside I sounds like it’s OC, maybe two,...”  Right then an urgent call out interrupts over the air from an officer who yells “...get us some damn gas makes for theater nine, we can’t get in it!” Note that the primary lieutenant on scene is still reporting that he is “being told he’s in theater nine.” It is clear from the transmission that officers still believe the shooter is active and not detained.   It is at that point an officer breaks in over the radio in a very excited/stressed voice yelling, “sixty-nine, the guys on the east side block! East side! I need officers on the east side to block it!” The east side is the back of the theater. An officer is now yelling excitedly that the guy (presumably the shooter) is on the east side (behind the theater).  By his excited state one might assume that a chase is ensuing or that this is the first time the shooter has been seen.  Again, it is well after the official reports say James Holmes was detained.

12:45 am MST - police scanner traffic breaks out with the following transmission from an officer who is so excited he can hardly get his words out, “Fourteen, we have a party in a car shot..white...uh...two four zero, john zebra. I have...I’s a Kia.. white Kia. ”  A female responds over the radio, “There’s another victim in a white Kia?” Where is the vehicle at?”   Please pay attention to this transmission. An officer is reporting someone that is shot inside of a white kia. The only white kia behind the theater is James Holmes white kia so the question is, who was the person shot inside this vehicle? According to the official story James Holmes was arrested without incident standing outside the theater. This call is about a person "shot" inside the car. At this point another officer breaks in asking for ambulance support out front of the theater. When the police dispatch returns to the excited officers at the back of the theater we hear an officer say, “Sixteen Adam, I need a marked car behind the theater, Sable side, we’ve got a suspect in a gas mask.”  Dispatch confirms that more officers are requested east side due to a suspect in a gas mask. Only NOW do we have any evidence that a suspect has been spotted and at this moment there is confusion over whether the suspect is shot and/or sitting INSIDE the white kia. An officer is heard on air asking, “Is that the dude in the white car you’re by?” Note the clear the wording here.  Is that the dude IN the white car you are by? Note that there is no discussion about the shooter appearing to be seen coming out of the theater, no mention of him standing around. What is being reported on is a susect who may be shot sitting inside a white kia.  While it is POSSIBLE that the officers already detained him, opened his car door, and sat him inside the car for questioning, this seems highly unlikely given no audio transmissions of the arrest have been broadcast to this point and all the details we now know would not support that conclusion.  Also note that one officer may have even just reported that the shooter had been shot. Could it be because the shooter was slumped over inside the car appearing to be injured? Was he truly shot or was he just passed out in a drug induced stupor? Several officers break in over the next few seconds reporting on various victims at different locations around the outside of the theater.  

12:46 am MST - an officer breaks in, “Everyone hold the air one second...Cars with that white car in the rear of the lot, is that a suspect?  The response comes back, “Yes! We’ve got rifles, gas masks, he’s detained right now, I’ve got an open door going into the theater.”  The original officer responds, “Ok hold your position. Hold that suspect.” Note again the wording.  We have RIFLES (plural), GAS MASKS (plural) even though James Holmes allegedly only purchased one rifle and one gas mask. Why do we have multiple guns and masks at the back of the theater? While one might think it is simply a bad choice of wording during a stressful moment, the facts will prove that indeed there are multiple gas masks and rifles found. As the official story would later unfold in January of the following year, Officer Jason Oviatt of the Aurora Colorado Police would claim that he was the first to find James Holmes “just standing there,” presumably behind the theater, in a helmet, gas mask and body armor, staring off into the distance.  Officer Oviatt also noted that James Holmes “...seemed very detached from it all” and also that he was “Very, very relaxed.”    He described how he ordered Holmes at gunpoint to put up his hands and get on the ground and there he handcuffed him. He describes Holmes as “dripping with sweat, his pupils widely dilated, reeking of body odor.”  and said that Holmes “did not display ‘normal emotional responses’ and did not resist.”  Officer Oviatt would also say in the pre-trial hearing that James Holmes was found WITH a rifle “BY the car”.  When Oviatt searched Holmes, he claims he found two ammunition magazines in his pocket and two knives. Stop for a moment now and ask yourself if the audio transmissions you read (and have possibly heard online for yourself) corroborate what Officer Oviatt has claimed.  Remember, Officer Oviatt claims James Holmes was discovered standing, staring off into the distance, was ordered to put his hands up and get on the ground, and was handcuffed.  Does any of this match the excited officers shouting about a person shot inside a white kia and multiple times asking if the suspect is IN the car.

Mr. Oviatt also went on to say in his testimony, “It was at that time that Holmes allegedly volunteered that his home had been booby-trapped with “improvised explosive devices.” So again, contrast Mr. Oviatt’s description of a VERY calm, and VERY relaxed individual calmly talking to them about his booby-trapped apartment with the actual audio of excited officers reporting someone sitting inside a white kia with gas masks and rifles. The same arresting officer, Oviatt, would also describe stepping over the shooters rifle INSIDE the theater after entering theater nine.  So just how many rifles did the shooter have?  Despite all of this, the official story claimed that they had traced James Holmes gun purchases prior to the shooting and it included ONE AR-15 assault rifle.  Here we count up to three rifles (those found on him, those found near the car, and one found inside the theater).

Also note that it has now been approximately 7 minutes since the first calls came in and we just now have a suspect in custody in a white Kia outside the back of the theater that may or may not be shot.

12:46 am MST - Aurora Fire audio will receive a call from engine eight at this time....“Dispatch from Engine Eight, we’re on the scene...we do have, uh....getting reports of multiple victims and an active shooter...”  

MORE COMING....