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Before It's News (BIN) is a citizen journalism outfit, where anyone can write something and have it go up. Or at least, that was the intention, as it was promptly flooded with conspiracy theorists and is now an outlet for an "unabashedly unhinged"[1] take on world events and religious prophecy. The advertising is for survivalist supplies.

The site was founded in 2008 by dot com investor and Falun Gong practitioner Chris Kitze.[2] Before It's News describes itself as "People Powered News®"[3], and accepts stories from any political background, although its political stories are entirely from conservative viewpoints and BIN goes so far as to have a dedicated "Obama Birthplace Controversy" category. The website entered the (sort of) mainstream when "chart guy" Donald Trump held up a chart at one of his rallies from BIN.[4]

The site is used by some conspiracy theorists to promote their Youtube videos about pet theories, with some articles being just a single Youtube video, and a significant amount of the site's content consists of bloggers reposting their stories with links back to their own site. Comments are enabled for most articles, and are a joyous mess of conflicting crackpot theories ("that footage isn't a UFO, it's Project Blue Beam") interwoven with indistinguishable Poe's Law trolling.

The site also runs a podcast called BIN Radio. The Skeptical Humanities blog used Before It's News as a rich source of idiocy for their "This Week In Conspiracy" series.

Notable articles[]

  • Barack H. Obama: A CONTRIVED FICTIONAL ENTITY Created for the 2008 Election (2015)[5]
  • The many articles supporting the "white genocide" conspiracy theory[6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

See also[]

  • All News Pipeline, started by two BIN contributors who thought BIN was getting too soft and mainstream

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