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FBI Dir. Kelley letter to Colorado Senator Haskell, regarding “unidentified helicopter” during Colorado livestock mutilations.[1]

Black helicopter conspiracy alleges that Black Ops were behind the Cattle mutilation event of the mid 1970s, happening throughout the midwest, USA, and the FBI was covering it up.[2] Their agenda was to harvest blood and body parts for illegal genetic experiments and cloning, which may have involved foreign institutions.[3] Independent investigators believe that a top secret genetic modification lab is situated under northern New Mexico’s border.[4]

Mystery choppers[]

Black helicopters were reported during the Cattle mutilation event of the mid 1970s, throughout the midwest, USA. In Madison County, Montana, between June and October of 1976, twenty-two confirmed cattle mutilations had occurred during that period, and they were accompanied by reports throughout the county of silent, unmarked, jet-black helicopters in the air and near the ground, with unmarked fixed-wing aircraft and white vans in remote and previously inaccessible areas.


Bell 206 Jetranger

In early autumn of 1976, a hunter from Bozeman, Montana, was out alone around 3:00pm in the Red Mountain area near Norris. He watched as an unmarked black helicopter flew overhead and disappeared below a small hill, believing it to be a Bell Jet Ranger.

Independant researcher, Tom Adams believed they are involved in biological experiments. On one occasion, an army standard-type scalpel was found at a mutilation site.[3]

China connection[]

A foreign element is believed[3] to be part of a black ops program that stems back to Korean War/Vietnam,[5] where the United States requires the assistance from the People's Republic of China to provide and use Chinese scientists during covert measures in homeland United States. If this conspiracy is true, then it goes above the FBI’s heads (See China connection).

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