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Blue Beam conspiracy is the conspiracy of a big government using big tech to orchestrate a fear based scenario that would unite masses of people to side with a desired faction.

One World Government

The agenda of the Blue Beam project is to reach the global scale of unifying all governments into a One World Government that would make promises to save adherents from a False flag doom scenario.

  • Scenario a: Sponsor coordinated global terrorist attacks; blame unwanted scapegoats; justify eradication.
  • Scenario b: Infect the World population with a rapid viral agent; offer the vaccine only to compliant and submissive governments.
  • Scenario c: Activate a weather modification device to implement weather warfare (melt Antarctica); Elect an official who has the know-how to end “global warming”.
  • Scenario d: Execute Protocol 5, shuts the internet down. Crash cryptocurrencies, bend financial institutions into submission through Ciberwarefare protocols.
  • Scenario e: Activate a powerful influencing machine to induce trauma, until desired submission.
  • Scenario f: Fake an alien invasion (hypotheses include holographic imagery, or induce a widespread mind control agent).
  • Scenario i: Implant One World Bank credit card chip into the citizens’ hand. Don't comply, starve.
  • Scenario s: Advance artificial intelligence as close to the point of “singularity” as possible; Grant Saudi citizenship to the AI that can strategize the most advance War game scenario, that will strike fear into global submission (See Sophia).
  • Scenario z or Z: Classified—Top Secret.

Second coming


In 1994, Serge Monast proposed in his book Le projet BLUE BEAM de la NASA that a New Age religion would be implemented with an Antichrist archetype at its head to start a New World Order, via a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ.