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Robert Scott Lazar (better known as Bob Lazar), born January 26, 1959 in Coral Gables, FL, USA, was the first person to give the name "Area 51" to the worldwide public, as a secret US military installation at Groom Lake, Nevada, as of May 1989. No one believed him until the US government had admitted to Area 51 base facility on 14 July 2003. Skeptics continue to dismiss Lazar's claims of anti-matter propulsion technology.

Area 51[]


GTG presents Bob Lazar's First Interview as "Dennis", May 1989

The first public exposure of Area 51 was given by Bob Lazar in May 1989 on a CBS special on NV TV. While on the air, Lazar went by the name "Dennis" and had his video appearance blacked-out. He explained in a follow-up interview that his life was endangered, and so for his own safety, Lazar felt that he had to go public.



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