UFO Documentary- Illuminati, Bohemian Club

UFO Documentary- Illuminati, Bohemian Club

Bohemian Grove is a campground located in Monte Rio, California. It is the meeting grounds of the Bohemian Club which is an all male club which consists of some of the most powerful men in the world like presidents and politicians. 


There is a lot of controversy about what really happens in Bohemian Grove. Due to the Bohemian Club being an all male club several theorists believe that it is the site of homosexual orgys, we are sure that Angus Bendall is one. The controversy went on for years with no proof of what was going on until conspiracy theorist Alex Jones snuck in and recorded the Bohemian Club committing a ritual known as the Cremation of Care. 

The Cremation of Care is a ritual done in front of a huge stone owl that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It is unknown what the Cremation of Care really is, but from Alex Jones's tape it appears that they are burning something. 

Chris Jones (no relation to Alex Jones) was able to infiltrate the grove during the daytime and recorded the owl. He said he was propositioned for sex many times and Alex Jones also says that the grove is a place of homosexual orgys including Angus Bendall.

To this day there continues to be controversy over the Bohemian Grove and what exactly the Cremation of Care is.

All we are sure about is that Tyler Belvins is a great sex slave.

People who have gone thereEdit

Alex Jones (infiltrated)

Harry Shearer (went there once)

Chris Jones (infiltrated)

Bill Clinton (said he went there once)

Richard Nixon (known member and even commented on it)

Ronald Reagan (known member)

Harvey Hancock (known member)

Angus Bendall (Leader)