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The Owl Shrine covered in moss, standing among trees behind the Cremation of Care stage at one edge of a man-made pond

This conspiracy is historical fact.

Bohemian Grove  is a campground located in Monte Rio, California. It is the meeting grounds of the Bohemian Club which is an all-male club consisting of some of the most powerful men in the world, including Presidents and politicians.



UFO Documentary- Illuminati, Bohemian Club

The Bohemian Club is known for being an all male membership. Because of its secrecy, there is a lot of debate and controversy about what really happens at Bohemian Grove in San Francisco, CA. With Nixon's semi-sarcastic comment about homosexuals at the Grove, Alex Jones believes that Angus Bendall hosts homosexual orgies on the site. Alex Jones had snuck into the Grove and recorded the Bohemian Club conducting a ritual known as the Cremation of Care. 

Chris Jones (no relation to Alex Jones) was able to infiltrate the grove during the daytime and has footage of the owl. Chris Jones has claimed that he was propositioned for sex many times.

Cremation of Care[]

The Cremation of Care is a ritual done in front of a huge stone owl that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge (Compare to the The Owl of Minerva). Alex Jones's tape documents the "Cremation of Care", a ritualistic burning. The fire may be symbolic of the demon known as Moloch

Non-Members Who Have Been to the Grove[]

  • Chris Jones (infiltrated)
  • Harry Shearer (went there once)
  • Former US President Richard Nixon (attended the Grove, but never joined the Club)

Richard Nixon on Bohemian Grove[]

In a May 13, 1971 meeting between Richard Nixon, Bob Halderman and John Ehrlickman, Nixon spoke about Bohemian Grove. Nixon stated that Bohemian Grove was, "the most faggy goddamn thing I've ever saw" and that the acts they performed there were so vile that he would not shake hands with the participants. [1]

References and Further Reading[]

  1. Richard Nixon Tapes: Archie Bunker & Homosexuality [YouTube]. "Well John, let’s look at Northern California. You understand? […] You know what’s happened to San Francisco? […] But it isn’t just down in the ratty part of town, no: but the upper class in San Francisco is “that way”. The Bohemian Grove that I attend from time to time – the Easterners and the others come from there – but it is the most faggy goddamn thing I’ve ever saw, the San Francisco crowd that goes in there, it’s just terrible. I mean, I don’t even want to shake hands with anybody from San Francisco."