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Bush legacy involves burning bridges... or towers. At least one of the two.

Operation Desert Storm[]

Under the Geneva Convention rules of agreed disengagement and withdrawal from Kuwait, upwards of 150,000 Iraqi troops were in convoy on Highway 80, waving white flags on their way back to Iraq, in February 1991.

The Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) said wait a minute... 182 000 Kurds were estimated to have been deported, killed, disappeared in depopulation campaigns in Kurdish areas carried out by the Baath party.

At the behest of the RIIA, U.S. President George H. W. Bush said "Intercept" and declared a cessation of hostilities. According to British intelligence, the entire Iraqi convoy of 150,000 Iraqi troops were taken out, beginning with A-6 Intruder attack jets initiating the strike. Of them, 12,000 Iraqi soldiers were buried alive in trenches they occupied.

Kuwaiti authorities pressured 200,000 Palestinians, nearly half the population of Palestinians, to leave Kuwait. The Palestinians who actually exited Kuwait were mostly Jordanian citizens, with no more than 80,000 leaving.

So you do the math. If anybody asks, don't fuck with the United States of America.