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A diagram of the likely way the coastline slid into the ocean.

The California Sink conspiracy is a theory that the US government attempted to contain and keep quiet a period in U.S. History where a portion of the continental shelf containing the political states of California and Southern Oregon have slid into the Pacific Ocean.


It is believed that Geological Upheaval caused the the San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906, resulting in the San Andreas fault line to literally snap off of the North American Plate, and the original coastline sliding into the Pacific Ocean.

Government officials are said to have contained witnesses of the event to keep quiet.  The Official story is: "The trees all died in the winter of 1699 - 1700 when the coasts of northern California, Oregon, and Washington suddenly dropped 1- 2 m (3.3 - 6.6 ft.), flooding them with seawater."[1]

National agencies had been monitoring the area and even predicted the event, getting about 98% of the civilians to be evacuated. However, 3,000 citizens were unaccounted for, likely pulled into the ocean along with the violently crumbling landmass.

Government response[]

The California Sink theory has even had recent government response, though in opposition to it. In late 2012 Vice President Joe Biden stated, "the claims of a California Sink are false and preposterous,". However, most believe the goverment is aware of such an ccurrence.