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The China virus conspiracy is Phase II of the coronavirus kill order.


Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council launched a three phase coronavirus kill order to depopulate nations of select people, racial groups, and certain demographic groups. Primary targets included assassinating high officials in Iran through use of a virological agent. Secondary targets include, which is still ongoing, depopulating (1) elderly demographics, (2) insurance liabilities-such as people who suffer from pre-existing conditions, and (3) undesired racial groups.

Phase II began with a Chinese operative, within Wuhan Labs, who released a particular coronavirus strain into the Wuhan wet markets,[1] with the intent for it to spread at a novel rate. Phase II was initiated in November 2019. Coronavirus can be traced in China[2] to November 17, 2019.[3] By December 31, 2019, Phase II reached its objective. A cluster of pneumonia cases were reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in which the World Health Organization (WHO) claims to have "eventually" identified the emergence of a novel coronavirus.[4]

The event in China followed Phase I, which involved preparedness for a "surprise infectious disease outbreak" that would take place.[5]

Phase III, involves the administering of vaccinations. Anthony Fauci continues as chief medical adviser to the United States presidency.[6] Fauci put a spotlight on China's wet markets back in April 2020.[1]