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Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius is a Food trade-standards organization. It has now defined nutrition as toxin, and (previously labeled)toxins are defined as illegal to ban. Codex Alimentarius was created by World Health organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and is a part of Rockefeller plans for depopulation, or more specifically genocide. Rockefeller foundation has partnered with FAO, to control our food supply, through Codex Aimentarius.

WTO uses Codex Alimentarius as a conflict resolution guideline, and the Codex compliant countries are favored over non-complaint countries.[1]

Two figures in opposition to Codex Alimentarius, expressing their concern are Dr Leonard Horowitz [2] and Dr Rima Laibow who has been described by The Hindu newspaper as prominent personality in the anti-Codex alimentarius movement. [3]

Trade Standards[]

Codex defines nutrients as poison, which would then lead to engineering non-nutritional foods for the public. Raw foods are pasteurized through irradiation or chemical reaction to remove nutritional values.

Yogurt is Pasteurized off it´s good bacteria.[4][5]

In USA, all Almonds are pasteurized off their nutrients. As of 2007, it has become illegal for 100% raw almonds to be manufactured and sold in the United States.[6] Almond pasteurization process usually involves Propylene oxide,[6] a known toxin with carcinogenic effects,[7] as per US Environmental Protection Agency.

For Codex-compliant countries, all animals must be treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.Citation needed Also, every Cow must be treated with Monsanto's Recombinant Bovine Growth hormoneCitation needed - Milk from these cows has been known to cause breast, Colon, and Prostate cancers.

Persistant Organic Pollutants (POPs) are toxins that accumulate through the food chain[8] Stockholm convention is a Global treaty to protect human life and environment from some of the worst POPs,[9] signed by 176 countries. Codex Alimentarius wants to make it a trade violation to ban these persistent toxins:

  • Aldrin - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention
  • Chlordane - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention
  • DDT - marked for severe restriction by Stockholm convention
  • Dieldrin - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention
  • Endrin - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention
  • Heptachlor - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention
  • Toxaphene - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention
  • Lidane - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention
  • Endosulfan - marked for elimination by Stockholm convention

It would be a trade violation to stop food containing Codex-permissible levels[10] of these toxins at border inspections. And the Codex compliant country will automatically win the conflict at WTO.[1]

For member countries, growing food at home will be banned,Citation needed except with an official compliance permit (farming permit)

Genetically modified corn are less nutritional than organic corn,[11] and very dangerous.[12][13] According to Japan, in addition to residual pesticides, GMO food may also contain harmful allergens, or bacteria containing the virus, that was used to inject the DNA, to create the GMO.

  • GMO - Glyphosate


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