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Covid-19 testing conspiracy involves changing policy based on testing results that prompt extreme orders for preventative measures.

Rounds of testing[]

Spain has ordered the slaughter of 92,700 minks on a farm in the eastern city of Teruel, after dozens tested positive for coronavirus.[1]

The farm came under scrutiny on May 22, when seven farm workers tested positive for the virus.[1]

Spains’ Department of Agriculture began random testing on June 3rd.[1]

On June 8, 20 samples were tested again, one of which gave "non-conclusive positive evidence" for the virus.[1]

June 22 found five positive cases out of 30 samples.[1]

The department ordered another test for 90 specimens. The results came back on July 13, 2020. More than 86% of the total samples, tested positive.[1]

Order for slaughter[]

After receiving test results, the regional government of Spain ordered the Department of Agriculture to slaughter all 92,700 minks on the farm as a “preventative measure”.[1]


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