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The COVID-19 variant conspiracy concerns "experts" conveying COVID-19 as being seasonal, when there is no transparency for requests to provide Covid variant information on diagnosis. In effect, the patient is not allowed to get official documented confirmation for being diagnosed with Delta, Mu, Lambda, or any other variant. In the United States, U.S. Federal rules are blocking test labs from remitting the official results to patients, and even doctors.[1]


Just in time for the Fall season
The SARS virus, which is not a seasonal flu, is welcomed by FOX 5, “Say hello to 'Mu': New coronavirus strain arrives in the U.S.”, 10 Sept 2021

"Experts" are not addressing the COVID-19 pandemic as SARS, a syndrome that has no cure and according to National Health Service (NHS), the research to find a vaccine is ongoing.[2]

The WHO, the CDC, and Anthony Fauci minimize COVID-19 as "Coronavirus" and project it as being seasonal, like that of the flu,[3] reinforced with false data. But, SARS-Cov-2, a SARS syndrome Coronavirus level 2, is NOT seasonal. It is not the flu and is not a cold. Its objective is to survive and will undergo thousands of mutations throughout the course of the year.[4]

COVID-19 is the same virus as when it broke out in 2019, deadly and rapidly infecting everyone since the start of the pandemic. Throughout its many mutations,[4] the CDC promotes seasonally renaming it, or calling it 'first, second, third, fourth, even fifth waves', so as to pass blame on something they never had control over to be begin with.[5][6][7]

COVID-19 is intentionally misrepresented as being seasonal, in order for authorities to receive praise for getting through the last virus variant, and then to pass blame on a reportedly up and coming deadlier version. The vaccine efficacy for all the approved COVID-19 vaccines have failed to control the pandemic, and often require additional accompanying treatments.[8] Because its SARS, there is no cure and no real vaccine.[2] Everyone undergoing the experimental vaccines[9] are lab rats, risking a survival rate of usually 0%.

Early 2020 reports about novel COVID-19 had poor data about what we've been dealing with. Data concerning standard coronavirus outbreaks, prior to year 2020, is less convoluted with deceptive data. New COVID-19 data since year 2021 has more information about the virus, but is highly concentrated in deception and political struggle.

The naming conventions of "Delta", "Mu", "Lambda" are irrelevant to the general populous, considering the thousands of mutations that the SARS virus will go through, throughout the year.[4] Those naming conventions are only good for the researchers, in order to help them track the evolution of COVID-19.


The Delta mutation was first reported in India in December 2020,[10] then in Georgia, USA on 9 June 2021.[11]

Symptoms of Delta and COVID-19 are the same: loss of taste and smell, fever, weakness, coughing, sneezing, soar throat. Big media is instructed to report that Delta spreads faster than COVID-19, when its rate of spread has always been about the same. Early 2020 reporting hadn't a real handle on how rapidly COVID-19 was spreading nor true rates of high infection.


Fauci: new COVID variant called Mu not ‘immediate threat’ to US, reports the New York Post on 2 Sep 2021.

Featured the same day, 2 Sep 2021, Matt Lillywhite reports: "A Dangerous Covid Variant Has Arrived In The United States". Lillywhite continues, "a dangerous coronavirus variant known as "Mu" and spotlights Texas in his report.

SF Gate, WHO says new COVID variant 'Mu' shows signs of being vaccine resistant, 2 Sep 2021; WANE, Has the delta variant peaked? COVID-19 data gives glimmer of hope, 3 Sep 2021

Out with old Delta, in with the new Mu. This sets up the CDC to receive praise for beating Delta, and then to blame a "new" COVID-19 mutation for deaths projected in the USA. The University of Washington projects 100,000 US deaths by Christmas 2021, during the fall season.[12]

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