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A crisis actor is an individual who has been employed by an organization to portray "real-life performance art" in order to advance a political agenda.

Political persuasion[]

They can be a member of any political persuasion, but tend to represent orthodox political parties. The actor adopts a role as directed by a "handler", a senior individual within the organization who helps to co-ordinate a number of actors to to elicit a certain emotional reaction. The crisis actor may or may not be aware of the underlying political issue that they are advancing. The goal of the crisis actor is to create a state of panic that necessitates a political response. Their ultimate goal is to advance particularistic interests--without the audience being aware of their true organizational affiliation.


Crisis actors may work only in front of the camera and with the media to report "news" (really: scripted propaganda) to the masses. In other cases, they seek to affect group behaviors, thoughts and attitudes at live events. They can work alone on a contractual basis or in large, well-organized organizations.

Crisis actors are very careful not to reveal their identities or credentials. They rely on misdirection, misinterpretation, confusion, manipulation, stealth and--above all else--secrecy to perform their operations.

Some crisis actors have explicit connections to intelligence organizations, such as the CIA and FBI.

Difference Between Crisis Actors and Agent Provocateurs[]

Crisis actors are often confused with "agent provocateurs", undercover agents at rallies who typically work with law enforcement agencies. Agent provocateurs are actors who falsely pose as members of grassroots organizations in order to discredit the group, arrest the leaders, encourage rioting (so as to arrest blac bloc protestors), discourage violence and law-breaking, dishearten the group, and/or disperse mass gatherings.

The purposes of provocateurs and crisis actors are different. The agent provocateur works at the micro level and typically work only with one organization for one political aim: stopping black bloc-style protests, such as those of Antifa. Crisis actors are "chameleon" in character and tend to work in many different roles and functions for many different employers. Crisis actors and agent provocateurs receive very different training and credentials.

Competence / Training[]

Crisis actors are typically professionals in areas such as...

  • Theatre
  • Mime
  • Stunt work
  • Journalism
  • Corporate communications
  • Social work
  • Social Sciences (Psychology / sociology / anthropology)
  • Traditional law enforcement - but only sometimes.

Crisis actors tend to have multiple competencies; in comparison, agent provocateurs tend to receive orthodox law enforcement or intelligence credentials alone.

Crisis Actor Claims - Parkland / Gun-Grabbers[]

  • Conspiracy theorists allege that seven of the individuals who have been interviewed in the Parkland incident by cable news outlets appear to be crisis actors. This is evidenced by the fact that all of them were members of the high school drama club, and two of the individuals performed internship for CNN.
  • Prominent gun-grab advocate David Hogg, who frequently appears on news outlets such as CNN, has been alleged on social media to be a crisis actor. He has claimed that his father is a "long time FBI agent", and some believe that this is his handler. Hogg also appeared in several theatre productions.

Organizations Allegedly Employing Crisis Actors[]

  • Foreign Language Services Simulation LLC is a company that allegedly employs crisis actors.
  • Hill & Knowlton Global Strategies is allegedly an infamous breeding ground for crisis actors.

Crisis Actors in the Media[]

  • A woman who asked a controversial question at a Donald Trump rally about "making choices about her body" was found to be a crisis actor. Lauren Batchelder was planted at the rally by Jeb Bush, and the entire question was discovered to have been scripted from the start. Batchelder worked through the night to scrub her social media accounts of pictures showing that she had also performed intern work for Kelly Ayotte and Bush.
  • Audience members at several CNN events were allegedly found to have been given money in exchange for expressing opinions on-air that were favorable to CNN. Though these audience members are not "crisis actors", the perfomative nature of the presentation qualifies it as performance art.
  • In 1992, "Nurse Nayirah" testified to US congress regarding the Gulf War. She claimed that Iraqi soldiers were entering hospitals, removing babies from incubators, and "leaving them to die on the cold floor". This nurse was Nijirah al-Sabah, the daughter of Kuwait's ambassador to the United States, and the entire speech was discovered to be a crisis actor publicity stunt[1].
  • Footage has been unearthed of CNN staging political protests[2].
  • Footage was unearthed in September 2019 showing a woman wearing a shirt saying, "Save the planet, eat the children babies" shirt while addressing American House Rep. Alexandra Occasio-Cortez ("AOC"). In the video, the woman insists that AOC's Green New Deal would not produce climate action fast enough, and the woman advocated eating babies. To the ire of Trump supporters, and to the relief of leftists, the woman's outburst is the work of a performance artist, and was organized by a conservative-leaning political PAC. [3][4]

Editor's Note: The "eating babies" hoax video became popular with good reason. At a prominent climate summit that very same week, Swedish professor Magnus Soderlund really did put forward the argument that eating dead bodies, pets, and even insects might help to reduce the alleged "environmental harm" caused by animal husbandry. Soderlund also stated that he might be willing to "at least taste" human flesh. Dude, Magnus, that's kinda something a sociopath might say. Or a reptilian [5]

  • The hidden-camera television show "What Would You Do", aired by ABC News, is an example of the type of performance art performed by crisis actors and performance artists. [6]


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