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Cryptid conspiracies involve a number of beings from Pre-civilization, evidence of which is allegedly suppressed by institutions such as the Smithsonian. Some are believed to have intelligent control.



Anunnaki are depicted on steles and murals as winged humanoid beings of mysterious origin. According to Akkadian legends, they were supposedly the creators of a humanoid species, possibly even Homo sapiens.


Long thought to be myths, Dwarves are now labeled with the scientific name Homo floresiensis, and nicknamed the Hobbit. Some scientists are still unable to accept this fact, and suggest that dwarfism could be the reason for their short stature,[1] while others have said they could have migrated 'Out of Africa' around 1.75 million years ago.[2]


Faerie/Pixie/Leprechaun/Pygmy are tiny inter-dimensional humanoid biengs. They are a very elucive species, so not much information is available about them.

Atacama Skeleton

Atacama Skeleton

Vavita Mummy

Vavita Mummy


Alyoshenka's skeleton

Atacama skeleton, nicknamed Ata is a 6" skeleton found in La Noria town in the Atacama region of Chile. She had hardened teeth, 10 ribs instead of the usual 12, giant eye sockets and a long skull that ended in a point. Comparing Human bone development, her age was identified as a 6-8 year old.

Her DNA was mostly Human of local origin, except for "2.7 million variants throughout the genome", including "54 rare mutations" that would have caused instant self-abortion in the fetus stage, let alone living for 6 years.[3] In scientific terms, there were 3,356,569 Single Nucleotide Variations (SNVs) and 1047 Structural Variations (SVs).[4]

Vavita mummy was found in Peru, among other mummies, one of which was tested to be 98.5% primate and 1.5% unknown DNA. The remains have been stolen.

Alyoshenka was a living breathing 9" telepathic humanoid creature, found in 1996, in the forest of Kyshtym, Russia. [5][6]

After it's death, forensic examination confirmed it to be a deformed "human foetus" [7] Kyshtym is a town near the Kyshtym disaster, the 3rd worst Nuclear disaster, after Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters. So, mutations are very much possible. Maybe, even the whole society of tiny inter-dimensional humanoid biengs with superpowers have actually evolved(mutated) from humans. Or, maybe they have evolved in parallel to Homo sapiens, from a branch of tiny apes.

Pedro was the mummified remains of one of many Little people, found in western USA.

An estimated 100,000 Little People were found buried in Tennessee in USA, each of them under 18" or 1.5'. The name Little People is from Native American folklore. For more info, see: Wikipedia:En:Little People of the Pryor Mountains

Cottingley Fairies Frances Griffiths

Faeries photo


mummy found in Tutankhamun's tomb, labelled as a fetus based on bone length


Long known to the World, records of Giants were erased by the scientific community, possibly because it contradicted Darwins' Theory of Evolution, and the 'Out of Africa' model.


The species we call 'Greys' are not native to the Earth, and may be extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional species.

Greys have been accused of moving around in circular disk like flying vehicles, and abducting humans for experimentation and/or impregnation.


Vanara (Sanskrit: वानर, pronounced: Vānar) were a group of humanoid-like apes, from Ramayan. They were like Humans in speech, clothing, habitations, funerals, consecrations etc. They were like monkeys, in respect to leaping, facial-hair, fur and a strong muscular tail.


NagaRaja Patanjali

Indian religions have legends of a species known as Naga (Sanskrit: नाग, snake) and Nāga-rāja (King of Snakes), a powerful, proud, semidivine(angel/Ultraterrestrials) pre-historic race that can shapeshift their physical form either as human, partial human-serpent or full serpent. Their domain is in the Underground cities or underwater, a realm called Nag-lok or Patal-lok.

Mirza Khan's 'Tuhfat al-hind' (1676) states that Prakrit was known as Patal-bani ("Language of the underground") or Nag-bani ("Language of the snakes")

According to legends, most Nagas are benevolent, such as Patanjali, Quetzalcoatl, and Guardians of various 'Gods' like Vishnu, Shiva, etc. Some Nagas do have Malevolent agendas, such as the Greek Hydra.

NagaRaja shielding Buddha

In Buddhist scripture of Pali Canon, Nāga Saṃyutta, also known as the Linked Discourses on Dragons[8], provides basic accounts on the nature of the Nagas. According to Saṃyutta Nikāya 45:151,[9] "based upon the Himalayas, the king of mountains, the Nagas nurture their bodies and acquire strength. When they have nurtured their bodies and acquired strength, they then enter the pools. From the pools they enter the lakes, then the streams, then the rivers, and finally they enter the ocean. There they achieve greatness and expansiveness of body."

If the definition of 'Nagas' is extended to mean snake-like, then their legends can be found in almost every continent.

  • lóng : Chinese Dragons, snake-like with four legs
  • Ryū : Japanese dragons, snake-like with four clawed feet
  • Greek Hydra : snake-like with multiple heads
  • Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan : snake-like with feathers
  • Sumerian Tiamat : sea serpent with rattle-snake's tail

Egyptian pharaohs viewed Wadjet, a snake-like goddess as the symbol of divine authority, represented by Uraeus the sculpture of an Egyptian cobra, on their crown.

Sightings of Nagas in their partial human-serpent form, in the water, may have given rise to legends of mermaids.

According to Native American legends, these snake-like creatures were forced underground, thousands of years ago in order to escape a “disaster that burnt their cities to the ground!” So, the Naga species may have been the residents of Atlantis.

Oblong heads[]


Oblong heads[10]

  •  Paracas Skulls, Peru
  • Oblong heads in Egyptian sculptures & engravings

Oblong heads (ancient elongated skulls) were bieng explained away as Artificial Cranial Deformation(ACD), which is a practice in certain tribal cultures, of purposely binding a baby's head to elongate it. But the size & volume of the ancient oblong skulls make them stand out from other human skulls, including artificially deformed ones.

The modern explanation is that it is a genetic deformity, Craniosynostosis.[11] The truth is, this genetic trait was introduced into Human genome through interbreeding with Oblong heads race/species. This information is derived from two facts[12]:

  • Paracas skulls have mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far.
  • Paracas skulls appeared to share DNA links with other elongated skulls found between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea
  • (Paracus skulls) cranial volume being up to 25 per cent larger and 60 per cent heavier than conventional human skulls

Names of people with Oblong Heads:

  • Akhenaten, an Egyptian pharaoh

The mainstream label of every oblong head as Artificial Cranial Deformation makes it hard to differenciate between the Genetically Oblong heads and artificially oblong heads. The Ancient Oblong heads or atleast people trying to emulate them through ACD were found around the world.

They may have been the same as Annunaki of Sumeria, residents of Atlantis, or a completely different race/species.


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