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Hello everyone! thanks for coming to read my first theory AKA discussion!

so today,we are gonna discuss alan...also known as alantutorial,

alans channel:[1]

so what is alantutorial?


  • has tutorials basically
  • weird paranormal "sock drill"?

Alan was a little bit of a pro of doin tutorials,but,somehow he got kidnapped.

but why?

well,its because,when he made this video,called locked out of room tutorial,he got lost in some kind of "forest",and then he got taken away because of a truck that he got inside in.

as the times goes by,alan starts to feel a little bit insane,but why?

its because he is stuck in a white coloured room,with alot of messes around him. as he starts to fill ill, as sometimes his voice changes.((idk if his voice changes XD))

in his final video,called "tutoiral",he manages to break out of the room and escape,as he stoped making videos...

F O R E V E R...

but why?

in my research,i think its because he killed himself,OR,got even more insane and stoped making videos.

i am gonna contiune this later cause i am really busy,see ya later everyone!