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Hitlers skull

Hitler’s skull?[1]


Death of Hitler conspiracy proposes that Adolf Hitler survived World War II, using a dead body double in his place and evidence tampering.[1]


There had been reports that several Axis Power members, such as Hitler, Eva Braun, and accompanying Nazis, had taken refuge to South America to live out the rest of their lives, such as in Argentina.

Another potential place of refuge for Axis Power members is Neuswabia, Antarctica, protected by Antarctic Specially Protected Area established in 1961 under the Antarctic Treaty System. Areas protected include governance over all land and water south of 60 latitude, protecting against human development.

The avenues to make this conspiracy possible were Operation Paperclip by the United States, which enabled Nazi war criminals to become an integral part of US intelligence and scientific programs.[2] Likewise with the Soviets, Operation Osoaviakhim enabled Nazism to radicalize Soviet States, such as Ukraine.