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Karla Turner

Karla Turner

The death of Karla Turner conspiracy involves the sudden death of Karla Turner on 9 January 1996 from "cancer" as foul play. According to sources, Turner was in perfect health and had no genetic history of any type of cancer. The unidentifiable cancer[1] was later determined to be "breast cancer".[2]


26 July 2023 Hearing

Representative Tim Burchett, TN: “[Mr. Grusch do you have] personal knowledge of people who’ve been harmed or injured in efforts to cover up or conceal these extraterrestrial technology?” 

David Grusch replied in the affirmative.

When pressed by Mr. Burchett about whether people have been murdered as part of a government effort to hide U.F.O.s, Grusch said he could not talk about it in a public session.

Turner was born in Arkansas, 1947. She had an abduction experience and published her research on the connection between UFOs and MKUltra. Her research includes interviewing abductees who reported that U.S. military personnel worked with non-human entities. Turner concluded that the abducted are targeted individuals and are not chosen randomly. She was convinced the military targeted abductees in response to reports people had made. Her research began in 1988,[2] lasting less than 10 years before she died.

Turner died of speedy cancer soon after public lecturing. Her publishing company halted the printing of Turner's conclusions and it's said they were intimidated to stop.[1] Turner was under surveillance, constantly being watched during the period she was overcome with cancer, a condition that shocked family members into being convinced it was foul play.

Compare microwave and HAG gun technologies. HAG is a poison dart gun that fires a frozen liquid poison-tipped dart the width of a human hair and a quarter of an inch long, that could penetrate clothing, and is almost undetectable, leaving no trace in a victim's body. The weapon is confirmed to cause heart attacks. Because the weapon's delivery system is poison,[3] a cancer inducing toxin could also be applied.

The first reported case of murder by cancer poisoning was in Nebraska, USA, 1978 in the case of Steven Roy Harper who, through his employment, had access to various carcinogenic drugs. Before murdering the Johnson family, Harper had pet animals suffering from symptoms of some type of poisoning which the veterinarian stated he had never seen before. Following the deaths of the Johnson household, an investigation by medical authorities for toxic substances, was without any success. However, the matter remained suspicious because of all family members who consumed the same substances before death. It was suggested that a toxic agent must have been used in their deaths, such as "Dimethylnitrosamine a carcinogen used to induce cancer in the liver."[4]

In 2013, the government of Venezuela reported setting up a formal inquiry into claims that deceased President Hugo Chavez’s cancer was the result of poisoning by his enemies abroad.[5]