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Max Spiers (1976-2016)

The Death of Max Spiers is questioned as foul-play. Spiers was a conspiracy theorist who was allegedly closing in on details about UFOs earlier in the year[1] when he was suddenly found dead on the sofa at a friend's house in Warsaw, Poland.[2] A message from Spiers's phone stating "your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate" was sent to his mother before he died. Spiers vomited black fluid prior to his death.[3]


The body of Max Spiers was handed over to British authorities, before the Polish police could acquire the body for autopsy.[4] (How convenient?) On 30 August 2016 an investigation was launched into the circumstances surrounding Spiers' death. The investigation by Polish authorities is looking into the involuntary manslaughter of Spiers.[5][6]

The black fluid being vomited at death is from… heroin.[7] Over two years after the incident, the official cause of death was released on 7 January 2019 as from… drugs and pneumonia.[8][9] (Plenty of time to figure out what to say, and what to link it to.) Supposedly… Spiers became an opioid addict after an accident in the United States that left him with a crack to his pelvis.[7]

Spiers believed in a variety of paranormal events, such as having been altered as a child to become a supersoldier (a term he disliked).[10] The quest for the Super Soldier formula has been sought after by Big governments since World War II; from occultist quests by the Nazis, to the Soviet’s Humanzee Program, to the United State’s Project MKUltra.


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