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Not to be confused with the other Kennedy Assassination

Robert F Kennedy

Robert F Kennedy (1925-1968)

The Death of Robert Kennedy conspiracy theory is that Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by a Manchurian Candidate.


During his presidential campaign, Kennedy visited a hotel kitchen and was shot 13 times by a Palestinian national named Sirhan Sirhan.

Evidence of a Conspiracy[]

  • Sirhan's revolver only held 8 bullets but 13 bullets were found at the crime scene, several bullets were not acknowledged by the LAPD despite photos of them in newspaper. Acoustic evidence from the crime also confirms 13 shots.
  • The bullets found in Kennedy did not match that of Sirhan's revolver.
  • The location of Kennedy's wounds suggested that his assailant had stood behind him, but witnesses said that Sirhan stood facing west, about a yard away from Kennedy, as he moved through the pantry facing east.
  • Other witnesses said that as Sirhan approached, Kennedy was turning to his left, shaking hands, facing north and so exposing his right side.
  • A security guard suspected as the second gunman lied about his possession of a revolver.
  • Sirhan claimed to have no memory of the incident. This theory was supported by psychologist and hypnosis expert Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas after 35 hours of work with Sirhan.
  • Several witnesses reported a woman in a polka-dot dress in the hotel throughout the night, who apparently said "we killed Kennedy!" after his shooting.