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Deep State is totalitarian inner workings of a government,[1][2] designed to manipulate and sway the masses in the political direction it sees fit.

Military Industrial Complex[]

A nation's Military Industrial Complex and its congress, are the primary components of government that are tied into an effective Deep State. State monopoly capitalism can be found as an underlying thread where lobbying, stock exchanges, and a Department of Treasury serve in the matrix of the Deep State which is driven by money, power, and greed.

Unmarked paramilitary[]

In the United States
Fort Hood declares war on United States. Fort Hood paramilitary troops desiguised as “police” were deployed to Portland to instigate secession from the Union in Oregon on 18 July 2020.


Unmarked Force traced to Texas Maddow MSNBC

2020 secession of Texas from the United States

Florida skirmish in response to Fort Hood 2020 executions

2020 US Civil War breakout in Portland


Gutfeld on the Texas ambush murder of police


18 Chicago police officers injured in 'ambush' during statue protest

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