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In 1939, Deutschlandsender III was built in Herzberg/Elster, Germany. It was a large long wave broadcasting station with 500-kW transmitter whose radio programs were receivable in whole Germany. As broadcasting antenna, it was a 337 meter tall guyed mast isolated against ground, with an UFO-like roof capacity was used which gave the mast a unique appearance. The mast was the second-tallest man-made object on the Earth at the time of completion. In April 1945, the transmitting devices were destroyed at an air raid, but the mast suffered no damage. In 1946, the Soviet occupation force dismantled the mast in order to rebuild it in the Soviet Union. However, it is still unknown whether and where this mast was rebuilt. As a possible location Kiev was often called because some boxes in which the material was transported carried such a label.

Indeed, no mast of similar height and construction type used for Deutschlandsender III mast exists in Kiev area. A possible other location should be Tajikistan. According to a report of a technical newspaper for radio communication, a 360 meter tall mast of a long-wave radio station has collapsed there in the 1990s. Could this have been the mast of Deutschlandsender III, equipped with a pinnacle after its reconstruction? Another possible place is Raszyn in Poland, since a mast, whose construction type resembles to the mast of the former Deutschlandsender III very much, was erected for a longwave radio station in 1949 there. However, it would be unlikely that Stalin should have donated the segments of the mast of Deutschlandsender III to Poland at that time, when numerous transmitters had to be rebuilt in Soviet Union itself. Others claim that the mast was never rebuilt.