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Digital War conspiracies roughly began about 1999 with the digital race headed off between the United States and China. Now, presently, the newest members up are Russia and North Korea making significant gains in digital espionage (as believed during the 2016 US elections).

US digital tactics[]

Microsoft is the frontman of the NSA in the digital war, with Amazon on board and Google reluctantly following. In 1999, Microsoft had inserted a cryptographic key, named _NSAKEY into the Windows operating system, to give NSA access to windows applications. Later Microsoft established UEFI hardware and secure boot firmware, to give NSA Full control of the whole system. The UEFI Secure Boot configuration, such as Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows 10 gives Microsoft and NSA the ultimate power over your machine, including "Bricking".

Russia digital tactics[]

Russia supports online news organizations like Russia Today, to disseminate information worldwide about US activities, such as rise of Islamic State. Russia also worked with Wikileaks to protect Snowden and his disclosures.

During 2016 US elections, Russia had allegedly paid Facebook for ads linking to Russia Today articles.

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