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Disclosure is the legitimate and official revealing of declassified information by a qualified government agency, to the public.


Main: Executive Order 13526

In the United States, the disclosure of former classified information can be presented by a qualified government official as a public service announcement, or the granting of access to documents that have gone through the process of declassification.

In accordance with Executive Order 13526, published January 5, 2010 (which superseded Executive Order 12958, as amended), an executive agency must declassify its documents after 25 years unless they fall under one of the nine narrow exemptions outlined by section 3.3 of the order. Classified documents 25 years or older must be reviewed by any and all agencies that possess an interest in the sensitive information found in the document. Documents classified for longer than 50 years must concern human intelligence sources or weapons of mass destruction, or get special permission. All documents older than 75 years must have special permission.

Disclosure Project[]

Steven Greer

Steven Greer

The Disclosure Project was a project headed by Steven Greer requesting from the US government any information regarding UFOs and advanced propulsion systems.

Greer boasts that there are government, military, and intelligence community witnesses who can testify to their direct, personal, firsthand experience with UFOs, extraterrestrials, advanced technology, and the cover-up that keeps the alleged information secret.

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