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The Etruscan enigma. Forget about the Illuminati, the Etruscans may be the real threat. Their language, which has never properly been deciphered, was unlike any other in classical Italy. The first traces of Etruscan civilisation in Italy date from about 1200 BCE. Their origins have been hotly debated by scholars for centuries and its argued that it was they, the Etruscans, who really moulded the Roman civilisation.[1]

Genetic research made public has shown that the Etruscans came from the area which is now Turkey - and that the nearest genetic relatives of many of today's Tuscans and Umbrians are to be found, not in Italy, but around Izmir.[1]


Etruscan art

The Etruscans unquestionably created glorious art. Among their most celebrated works is the so-called Sarcophagus of the Bride and Bridegroom (or Married Couple), which is in a Rome museum. It shows two people with slightly tip-tilted noses and pixie-like features.[1]

It is known the Etruscans tried to predict the future by reading the patterns of lightning. It is thought that they introduced the chariot to Italy. They almost certainly ate good meat. Tuscany is famed for its beef, particularly that from the Chiana valley, which has been celebrated since classical times.[1]


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