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The Flat Earth conspiracy began with the Roman Catholic church in union with European governments during the "Dark ages". The Church used Flat Earth as a scare tactic that if you go too far, you will "fall off the edge of the Earth". This propaganda was used to limit expeditions from venturing too far, as there were growing fears of loosing communities to the rumored New World.

The Flat Earth concept has been adopted by millennials who call themselves “Flat Earthers” and even formed a Flat Earth society. The motive for this pursuit is likely psychological — to ‘question everything’. Which leads to the next conspiracy, that ‘school systems of the West’ suck and this why the Chinese are educationally ahead of the Western World.

Flat Earth phenomena (Time travel)[]

Flat Earth phenomena is a hypothetical phenomenon where the Earth may appear to flatten, on a seemingly two dimensional plane, during hypothetical time travel. The Earth plane folds, so as to allow a hypothetical time traveler to either reach an opposite point on the Earth, or an opposite time period. Pilots who have experienced flat Earth phenomena may have actually been time jumping, or teleporting, unaware of what was happening, in particular at suspected wormhole points on the Earth.