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Giza Pyramid Complex conspiracy involves pyramid coverups to conceal the origins, dating, and functions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of Khafre, Pyramid of Menkaure, and the Great Sphinx of Giza located on the Giza Plateau in Greater Cairo, Egypt.


The Egyptian government has quarantined and contained certain areas of the Complex. Egyptian acedemia claims the Complex as its own heritage, and considers the monuments to simply be megalithic mausoleums.

The Egyptian government and academia call the historical site “Giza Necropolis”, which is a form of brain washing to convey that the pyramids are nothing more than a graveyard. Jim Phillips, curator of Egypt at Chicago's Field Museum said in 2015, "Pyramids are tombs," he continued, "That's what they are. That's why they were built."[1]


The accepted egyptological explanation for the shape of the Great Pyramid and its intricate layout of chambers, is that Pharoah Khufu couldn’t make up his mind about where he wanted to be buried.[2]

It’s explain that Khufu first wanted to be buried in the Subterranean Chamber, below the pyramid base. But before his workers finished the chamber, he changed his mind.[2]

Khufu decided to be buried higher up, so he had his workers build what’s called the Queen’s Chamber. But after the Queen’s Chamber was completed, Khufu changed his mind again.[2]

Khufu wanted to be buried even higher, in a grand chamber now called the King’s Chamber.[2]

European travelers who visited Egypt, saw firsthand that the pyramids are not hollow inside.[1] They are not just open rooms for dead bodies.

Great Pyramid[]


Queen’s Chamber

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The Great Pyramid bears the following characteristics:[2]

  1. Subterranean Chamber shows signs of water erosion and cavitation.
  2. The Queen’s Chamber has an inch and half of salt built up on the walls.
  3. The King’s Chamber, made of granite, has been scorched and browned.

Tour guide Danny Kerr summizes that these effects could be explained by water hammer in the Subterranean Chamber producing an electrochemical process in the Queen’s Chamber that generates heat to the King’s Chamber.[2]

It’s also been determined that the Great Pyramid had at one time, a crystal fixture mounted at the peak of the Great Pyramid.


Nikola Tesla came up with an Earth Wave Vibration Theory, that postulates that there are “systems for the distribution of energy using the Earth” based on experiments from Wardenclyffe Tower.[2]

If the pyramids around the world are older than modern man’s history, an unknown ancient civilization may have built the pyramids to serve as relay towers for the distribution of an unknown energy type that would transmit around the world, and up to the Moon.

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