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The Gospel of the Perfect Life is allegedly the "Original Gospel" from which the present Four Gospels were derived.

Gospel of the Holy Twelve[]

Irish clergyman, Rev. G. J. Ouseley, in 1881, claimed to have discovered this original gospel that was supposedly “hidden by some of the Essene Community for safety from the hands of the corrupters." According to Ouseley, ”The early Christian Fathers did well their work of destroying the sources and records from which they gathered the information and data put by them in the Bible. But they failed to destroy it all. Some escaped, and as it is discovered here and there by patient research workers."

Ouseley writes in his book, Gospel of the Holy Twelve that "the world has been deceived by the Christian Fathers. The ‘correctors’ (men authorized to ‘correct’ the text of Scripture in the interests of what was considered orthodoxy) cut out of the Gospels, with minute care, certain teachings of Our Lord’s which they did not propose to follow; namely, those against flesh eating, such as accounts of our Lord’s interference, on several occasions, to save animals from ill treatment, and even the interesting and important teachings ever prominent in Eastern scriptures.”


This Gospel was supposedly written in Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus of Nazareth. After the Council of Nicea, this original gospel was changed to suit Constantine and converted into four separate gospels. The “correctors” were hired by the Church Fathers at the Council of Nicea to alter the original text of the Gospels, leaving out those doctrines that were obnoxious to their emperor, Constantine, whom they desired to convert to Christianity, of which he opposed.


During the last century, many old fragments of the original gospel have come to light. Some of them have been found in old libraries while others have been discovered during excavations. These fragments are called Logins or Agraphas. They are supposedly older than and more original than the canonized gospels, and possibly uncorrupted.


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