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Heaven Sent Gaming conspiracy involves Google's censorship of Heaven Sent Gaming, an online media team from Albuquerque, New Mexico who create comics, novels, and other entertainment materials. The affair was reported on Conservaedia, but the article may have been taken down.


Heaven Sent Gaming publishes mostly fictional works. Conservapedia reported that Google had censored and discredited the Heaven Sent Gaming organization.

In 2012 Google shut down their AdSense account. The issue made a few waves on some libertarian platforms. Their was some assumption that Google was against Heaven Sent Gaming for being "wholesome and mentioning Jesus". Heaven Sent Gaming continued to independently distribute both HSGplays and Mario's vlogs on iTunes and RSS, with a unified YouTube channel.

On May 27, 2015 Heaven Sent Gaming had come under a "high volume of threats" that might be related to the following:

  • If a user searches for Bronjay, one of the Reverie comic strip characters, they are greeted with several disgusting images of a mouth disease known as BRONJ. In actuality, the name Bronjay is a common African-American name that combines the more common names Brone and Jay. Any child with the name Bronjay, or any child that wants to look up the innocent Reverie character, will be greeted by graphic imagery of a disease. Several months prior, the search result used to return a few hits at the top about the Reverie character, as well as a few Facebook profiles of individuals named Bronjay.
  • While searching for Mario J. Lucero, in the Knowledge Graph infobox, they incorrectly list an album known as "Contrast". Likewise, when one searches for Isabel Ruiz Lucero her Knowledge Graph infobox it displays work on a show called "El Productor". Neither "Contrast" or "El Productor" feature credits of anyone named Mario J. Lucero nor Isabel Ruiz Lucero.
  • Google Translate of the Japanese Wikipedia article about Mario uses the pejorative term "Spic" in Mario J. Lucero's categories, at the bottom of the page, the actual category should be translated Spanish-Americans but Google Translate uses Spic.
  1.  False Bronjay search (GRAPHIC)
  2. False Mario information
  3. False Isabel information