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The Hollow Earth conspiracy argues the internal density of Earth. Advocates of Hollow Earth believe zero gravity exists within the Earth.


At the start of the Space Race, the United States and the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union also invested in drill boring research and development.[1]


Kola Peninsula, Russia

The Soviets spent decades drilling in a remote peninsula in north-west Russia, known as the Kola superhole, dubbed SG-3. By 1995, they reached a depth of over 40,000 feet. As of 2020, their man-made borehole is the deepest in the world.[1]

Beginning in the late 1940s, competing teams of American and Soviet scientist began organizing elaborate experiment designed to penetrate Earth’s crust with the ambitious goal to reach 30 miles within the Earth.[1]

In 1958, the US initiated Project Mohole beginning near Guadalupe, Mexico. The operation saw a team of engineers drill through the bed of the Pacific Ocean to a depth of over 600 feet. Eight years later their funding was cut and Project Mohole was abandoned, thus the Americans never got to the mantle as hoped.[1]


Zapolyarny, Kola, Russia

A museum was setup in the nearby town of Zapolyarny, Russia for viewing Kola equipment relics and some finds. As of 2020, the Kola superhole remains the deepest man-made hole.[1]

On May 24, 1970 Soviet engineers used special equipment to dig a series of boreholes that forked off from an existing single principal cavity below the Earth in the Pechengsky District, a sparsely populated region on Russia’s Kola Peninsula.[1]


A nine inch wide false hole was showed to visitors.

Meanwhile in the USA, in 1974, Lone Star Producing Company was drilling for oil in Washita County in Western Oklahoma. The firm dug the “Bertha Rogers hole”, a man-made hole that reaches over 31,400 feet, about 6 miles, below the Earth. It was the deepest hole on the planet until the Soviet’s Kola borehole, reached 39,000 feet on June 6, 1979. With Soviet excitement of the Kola hole being the deepest, they paused work for a year allowing visitors to come and observe the site. The Soviet government showed them a nine inch wide false hole.[1]

The phenomenon of subterranean water is theorized to be as a result of strong pressure that is forcing oxygen and hydrogen atoms out of the rock and then is trapped beneath impermeable rock.[1]

Kola drilling resumed, and some four miles deep, they discovered tiny marine plant fossils. The relics were remarkably intact. For some twenty years, seismic waves were revealing metamorphic differences in granite rock. Eventually the Soviets discovered that flowing water was several miles beneath the Earth that no one predicted would exist. Beyond 35,000 feet researchers discovered that rock at these depths was far less dense than academically theorized.[1]

Kola Crater

Kola crater, with the real superhole at the center

After the discovery, the Kola superhole was closed at the of the fall of the Soviet Union. Some unsanctioned operations were performed until 1995 when it was permanently shut down and flagged as an "environmental hazard".[1]


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