NASA Caught HIDING Something At North Pole! Hollow Earth? 5 20 16

NASA Caught HIDING Something At North Pole! Hollow Earth? 5 20 16

Hollow Earth (or Inner Earth) is a phenomena that refers to the interior of the planet Earth inhabited by Subterraneans. In 1945, Richard S. Shaver published channeled memories from the underworld. After 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd disclosed eyewitness accounts of polar expeditions, to underground bases, to his confidants. Others have Remote viewed or visited Inner Earth in some esoteric way.

Inner EarthEdit

"There were giants in the earth in those days;"[1]
- Genesis 6:4a, KJV, ASV, Hebrew Names Version


Astral projector Leslee Dru Browning claims to have visited Inner Earth in her travels. She says that Telos, an ancient Lemurian City of Light, “is real and exists to this day in the physical realm, underneath Mt. Shasta.”[2][3]

A compelling Inner Earth model that explain the most observed phenomena is the Complete Shell Hollow Earth Model described in Land of No Horizon.

Polar openingsEdit

"Then the king of the south,
moved with rage, shall come out and
fight against the king of the north."
- Daniel 11:11a ESV

500px-Armigeri defensores seniores shield pattern.svg

Roman infantry, c. 430 C.E.[4]

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The true North and true South poles are protected by the US military. Many satellites, including Google Earth satellites, are said to be orbiting the poles to monitor and coverup the pole entrances on the North and South poles to Hollow Earth. Every planet is said to have such entrances.

Taijitu Lai Zhide 1599

Lai Zhide's "Taiji", 1599 CE

North Pole

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In Admiral Richard E. Byrd's February 1947 North Pole aviation expedition, Byrd was received to an inner Earth city where he was given a message to deliver back to the US government, that THEY oppose our (US government's) use of nuclear weapons (concerning the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Aug 6-9, 1945) The benevolent North Pole beings treated Byrd politely and were friendly. Byrd returned to Washington to convey this message. At present, Byrd's file remains classified. Although he wrote a book about his encounter, all the material was confiscated by the US government. Any leaked information, was passed on by close people who Byrd confided in.[5]

Yin yang.svg

Yin Yang, modern

South Pole

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At the South Pole, the Subterraneans who are reported to be living in underground bases in Antarctica, are said to have aided the armies of the Third Reich around the time the Nazi's had established New Swabia. There is support for the claim that the South Pole beings are the reptilians from the Draco system.[6] Richard Sharp Shaver, author of I remember Lemuria (1945), gave detailed accounts of an "Evil" subterranean group called Deros, who were at war with the "Good" Teros.[7] Tim R. Swartz, author of Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond The Poles, refers to Sharpe's Dero as malevolent beings who may have been depicted in ancient writings as "devils" and "demons".[8]

Magnetic gravityEdit

One insider “makes claims of having been briefed on the true nature of gravity, that it is not an inherent property of matter, but it is magnetic in nature stemming from the emanations of our sun. This revelation dovetails nicely with the ideas of ‘push gravity’ and removes the main argument scientists have against hollow earth.”

Richard S. Shaver, in his March 1945 short story, I remember Lemuria gives a description from a channeling that "subterranean gravity neutralizes itself by opposition. It is very comfortable." Shaver's following statements suggests that the gravity is controlled, or neutralized, by advanced subterranean inhabitants' technology:

"Out on the street I took one of the many vehicles that are provided for travel about the city. These vehicles, their weight reduced by a gravity deflection device, are powered by motors whose energy is derived from a gravity focusing magnetic field, by which one side of a flywheel becomes much heavier than the other. This is accomplished by bending gravity fall in the same way that a lens bends a light ray."[9]
In a Coast to Coast AM interview with Rodney Cluff, he reveals that Admiral Richard E. Byrd confided in a close friend that during his February 1947 North Pole aviation expedition, Byrd was taken to a Hollow Earth city where he witnessed advanced monorail systems between cities.[10]


In I remember Lemuria, Richard S. Shaver explains the concept of weightlessness in Hollow Earth in the early '40s, even before publishing his work, a little less than twenty years before NASA was established:
"The car dropped sickeningly, so swiftly that a great fear grew in me that I would be crushed by deceleration when we finally stopped. In panic I watched an indicator's two hands move slowly toward each other as though to cover its face in shame. Then, with little sensation, the car stopped. Here at the center of Mu I had become nearly weightless and the ceasing of even such swift motion did not have ill effects upon my weightless body. I knew that I would not have that fear again."[9]
In 2011, (c. 70 years later) Colin Veitch of London, UK, explains the theory of weightlessness at the theoretical center of Earth:
"There's gravity everywhere - it's an intrinsic property of all matter that has non-zero mass. If you were at the centre of the Earth it would feel like you were weightless. This is because all of the forces on you that result from the Earth's gravity are balanced. Mass attracts mass. There is the same amount of earthly mass in every direction. So you would be pulled equally in each direction and the net force on your body would be zero."[11]

Density of EarthEdit

A Wikipedia skeptic attempts to debunk Hollow Earth with a fair argument on Earth's density in this way: Based upon the size of the Earth and the force of gravity on its surface, the average density of the planet Earth is 5.515 g/cm3, yet typical densities of surface rocks are only half that (about 2.75 g/cm3). [In theory], if any significant portion of the Earth were hollow, the average density would be much lower than that of surface rocks. The only way for Earth to have the force of gravity that it does is for much more dense material to make up a large part of the interior.[12]

Richard S. Shaver's 1945, I remember Lemuria describes the much more dense material of Hollow Earth this way:
"The walls of the great cavern in which [The] City is located are hardened to untellable strength by treatment with ray-flows which feed its growth until it is of great density. There are many other cities which grew through the centuries to vast size, but none so great as [The] City. Some are abandoned, but all are indestructible; their cavern walls too dense to penetrate or to collapse."[9]

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