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The Holy Bible conspiracy charges the Vatican for corrupting canon of scripture, either by redactions or appendings.


The Vatican has inconspicuously redacted both books and passages from the Holy Bible for their own advantage. The Church’s removal of books and passages are justified with ‘not being necessary for Salvation’.

By establishing the doctrines of Eternal Heaven for devout Christians, and Eternal Hell for those who do not live by God’s rule, strengthens the Church’s power through fear.

Alleged redactions[]

  • Reincarnation. A lost book[Verify: Which one?] of the Holy Scriptures implies that Jesus had to go through many flawed human incarnations (as taught in Vedic tradition). Any traces of Eastern thought in the Holy Bible, such as incarnation/reincarnation/Avatars, threatens the power of the Church’s Christianization of the “Pagan” world.

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