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The Human giant conspiracy is the unearthing of giant human bones discovered throughout the world, and then covered-up in a mass conspiracy, as early as the founding of the Smithsonian Institution in 1846. The longest skeletal remains are claimed to be no more than 11 feet long.


Giant News

American news of Human Giants, in the 1800's

The Human giant concept is scoffed as myth by skeptics who lean heavily on gigantism, or pituitary gigantism, as the answer to elongated human bone finds. However, it has been found to be extremely rare in many of the skeleton giants observed in academia. Pituitary gigantism usually comes with noticeable proportionate deficiencies. It has been determined that most of the ancient giant skeletons have perfectly proportionate structures in height to width.[1]

To perpetuate the Human giant as just a myth, an online hoax competition was initiated in 2002 to design the best looking pictures of skeletal giants, with the objective to mass circulate the Internet.[2]


  • 1971, Southern California, ancient burial site. Three humanoid skeletons, nine-foot in length.[3]
  • 1988, Waiuku Forest, New Zealand, 2000 ancient structures discovered. Mass skeletons from eight to nine foot long.[4]

Alleged traits[]

The following traits are purported from various accounts worldwide:[5]

  • Cannibalism
  • Elongated skulls (Bolivia monolithic site)
  • Horned skulls (six accounts)
  • Double row teeth skulls (50 accounts)
  • Triple row teeth skulls (1 account in Florida)
  • Six fingered (various)
  • Perfectly proportionate skeletal structures
  • Unusually good teeth; not decayed


  • Norimitsu Ôdachi - a katana(sword). It is 12.3 feet or 3.77 meters long, and 13.97 pounds in weight.
  • 7000 yr old cave paintings on 30 foot cave ceiling in Baja California, in Mexico


Giant Scale

Giant sizes interpreted from Hebrew Bible

  • Adam in the Quran is 60 cubits tall
  • Goliath in the Hebrew story of David and Goliath
  • Nephilim mentioned in the Hebrew Book of Genesis, and the book of Enoch / Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ravan and his brothers from Ramayan (5000 BCE)
  • Titans from Greek mythology

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