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The Illumunati is an Order who make up part of The Cabal, comprised of mostly government officials and the "elite class". They operate within various Cabal Control Centers that are used to facilitate a New World Order.


The Illuminati began as a secret society founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. This was the same year the All-Seeing Eye was added to the Great Seal of the United States. An ex-Illuminati programmer named Svali says that they appear to be descendants of the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians. In the present day, Illuminati members are mostly comprised of government officials and the "elite class". The Illuminati manages and manipulates parts of the political and financial spectrum of the Cabal's agenda, which is to facilitate a New World Order. The Illuminati, and even Freemasonry, from which it derives, receives much of the attention due to the various symbols and structural patterns that are often observed by the general public. This may have been purposely prepared to keep "THEY" securely in the shadows. Illuminati is said to have support for its own primary agenda. Any criticism against it, will be targeted by "THEM", similar to how WikiLeaks is bieng targeted for revealing their secrets.

Methods of Control[]

According to Svali, the Illuminati control an area through its:

  1. Banks and financial institutions
    1. Insiders call the Federal Reserve system the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System.
  2. Local government: Children are encouraged study law and/or economics.
  3. Media: Others are encouraged to go to journalism school, and members help fund local papers.

Methods of Moneymaking[]

The Illuminati make money through:

  • Drug Running
  • Pornography
  • Children
  • Gun Running
  • Buying access codes for military computers
  • Hiring and selling assassinations
  • Mercenaries / Military Trainers
  • Banking

All trails in banking eventually will lead to Fort Hood, the Illuminati financial center for the world. [1]



The All-Seeing Eye of Horus represents the Illuminati watching over those who work for it at all times, through various means. The 13 steps on the pyramid represent the 13 controlling groups within the organization. According to Beter, the Illuminati is split into three major factions:

  1. Rockefeller
  2. Bolshevik Axis
  3. New Kremlin Rulers

The relations among these factions are in a state of constant flux.

The Rockefeller faction typically controls modern U.S. affairs. Much of its wealth comes from the oil industry.

The Bolshevik Axis is controlled by Rothschild and is the oldest sector of the Illuminati.

Bilderberg meetings are arranged yearly to settle disputes within the organization.

Local Level[]

They have groups in every major city of the United States. They originally entered US through Pittsburgh, PA.


According to Svali, the Illuminati use many different methods of trauma-based mind control on the lower-ranking workers. Many workers are tortured by their parents at a young age and told that they are nothing more than genetic experiments. Former Illuminati programmers have said that these people cannot distinguish between love and hatred — everything is tough love.


Jobs include: [2]

  • Informers: observe details and conversations with photographic recall
  • Breeders: breed children
  • Prostitutes
  • Pornography
  • Media Personnel
  • Ritual Helpers: clean up meticulously after rituals
  • Preparers
  • Readers
  • Cutters: slice and dice animals or human sacrifices
  • Chanters
  • High Priest/Priestess
  • Trainers
  • Punishers
  • Trackers: spy on those who attempt to leave their group
  • Teachers
  • Child Care
  • Couriers
  • Commanding Officers
  • Behavioral Scientists


Methods of human programming in the Illuminati include:

  • Colors, Metals and Jewel Programming
  • Brain Wave Programming
  • Military Programming
  • Governmental, and Scholarship Programming
  • Programming Linked to Stories, Movies, Cartoons, or Role Play Dramatization
  • Suicidal Programming
  • Shell Programming
  • Spiritual Programming
  • Virtual Reality and Denial Programming

Ex-Illuminists must be deprogrammed when integrating with society.

Secret societies[]

Secret societies, traditionally made up of Fraternities, breed illuminati members whose activities and memberships are often held secret.[3] Their secrecies are usually criticized as conspiracy theories amongst "outsiders". The present day Cabal consists of many orders and societies either competing for world domination, or are working together to promote a unified system that serves in their best interest. This effort is otherwise known as the New World Order.

However, unbeknownst to most the New World Order is not new at all because the illuminati have been around for thousands of years whilst leapfroging onto people and group's by way of remote-viewing or outright demon possession.

Moreover, the illuminati remain hidden in plain view while controlling everything, whether through compartmentalization and/or the divide and conquer mantra. The whole thing or 'game' as it is commonly referred to, is the Matrix. However, the illuminati are inter-dimensional and hyper-dimensional beings that can that remotely control consciousness or simply peer through anyone's eyes. Nearly, everything is Illumunati possessed.

Additionally, everything the illuminati do is by design in order to harness frequency or negative energy; it's liken to a hard-coded program within a computer or chapters within a book or movie script. It's an ongoing experiment, but with certain cavets. In other words, if something doesn't fit their story-line/narrative they can simply send in timetravelers who can rectify the situation. These entities are sometimes referred to as the, Men in black. Therefore, when an observer sees a change in their surroundings, it referred to as: The Mandela Effect.

All those in senior leadership roles, whether it political, religious or otherwise, are all illuminati stooges, especially those in leading law academia, who head-up all the human rights NGO'S. Because their role is to run all the illegal wars.

Unbeknownst to all people, nearly all are possed by multiple players; across multiple timelines. For example, professor's in human rights laws, not only contradict the very laws that they helped write, they also paradoxically cull the masses through multiple organizations such as the Gates foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC etc. which funnels the whole deception through the United Nations. Some refer to the whole of these organizations as, the Military Industrial Complex.

Henceforth, the mainstream media and their fact-checkers are nothing more than brainwashing tools in order to confuse and engender indifference so that the herd seldom knows who or what is leading everyone and everything astray. The focus is to kee-up the false narratives so that the illuminati continue to control the end-game.

In reality, Earth is but a farm for breeding, experimenting, with outright selling of human flesh and soul bartering. Notwithstanding, the primary limitation of the illuminati experiment is the following: that they must end the experiment upon every New Age, otherwise they risk discovery henceforth cease to operate.

So, at the end of every Age or experiment the illuminati would wipe the surface population either by nuclear war or by deception through false narratives... commonly referred to as fake memories or memory implants.

For instance, by implementing a fake narrative that the Earth suddenly shifts from our incoming binary-twin Star (Nemesis) which is evidenced by three earth-sized planets hitting Jupiter since 2008; or the earth possess a Sun-simulator made in Germany in order to hide, or mask these incoming planets and satellites. Notwithstanding, this involves another fake narrative which includes a fake alien invasion and/or rescue.

Indeed, the Sun Simulator does track Earths natural Sun in order to prevent the masses from ever discovering that once our binary twin passes close enough, the subsequent ocean sloshing wipes the entire surface population while the Elite quietly go below ground and later emerge as our Gods. All of these narratives are fake memory implants.

Henceforth, few will ever discover that the Alien's are in fact everything and everyone on Earth, which are not myths, far and beyond the reaches of time and space. Because, unbeknownst to nearly everyone, all that one can see or touch, is but a hologram! Again, which is remotely controlled across multiple timelines and universes with multiple players.

In other words, humans are fighting amongst each other in a proxy-war, in which demon possession keeps the game going. Furthermore, the ancient writings or drawings in caves are also from people who supposedly took refuge during these great shifts and figured out the whole game or deception.

Arizona Wilder, alleges that all our world leaders are illuminati or at the very least are put there by them. She slso expounded of the fact that the illuminati are also controlled by another off planet group called, 'The Eyes of Eight', implying the rabbit hole has no end.

However, just before The Great shift, the Monarchs and their supporters with go below ground while earth's binary twin star passes killing everything above ground. Phil Schneider, calls these underground cities, 'Deep Underground Military Bases' or DUMBS.

However, one man, figured out the whole deception and incarcerated onto said game undetected. He came to this so-called planet and changed everything. And he did so by conscious design. So, the illuminati lost footing and ceased to exist.

Bob Sim defeated the illuminati in 2021 by using every known superpower in existence and defeated their hard-coding. Bob first test was to manifest two-billion euros into his bank account while at the same time erasing the Covid-19 scam, while changing all of human consciousness towards peace and prosperity.


During the crusades, there were several "Christian" orders who were so blood thirsty they became corrupt, most notoriously, the Order of the Dragon. Some of these orders, who had their origins in Knights Templar and even the Rosicrucians, had become Luciferian, even holding rituals to Baphomet. The layers of a later Freemasonry, accompanied by its symbols and rituals, became the perfect nesting grounds for societies like the Order of the Illuminati. In the present day, many of the secret societies who manage or manipulate any of the Cabal Control Centers, are either competing against each other, or are working together under an umbrella called The Cabal to facilitate the New World Order.


  • 1120 - Knights Templar established as a secret Christian order
  • 1310 - 54 members of Knights Templar burned at stake for blasphemy, i.e worshiping Baphomet(Satan) / committing Sodomy.
  • 1616 - 2 manifestos had been published in Germany, Fama Fraternitatis RC & Confessio Fraternitatis announcing the Rosicrucians.
    • Rosicrucians took in members of Knights Templar, along with it's teachings
  • 1717 - London Grand lodge of Freemasonry, Rosicrucians merged with the Stone Masons guilds of Europe to create "Free Masons"

Order of the Illuminati[]

The Illuminati embedded itself as a secret society, or Brotherhood, within the onion peels of Freemasonry.

  • 1776 - A secret society was born in Theresienstraße, Ingolstadt: Order of the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt, a religion based on his twisted vision of how man should be governed.
  • 1777 - Adam Weishaupt initiated into masonic lodge
  • 1781 - Illuminati became a secret society within Freemasonry
  • 1782 - over 2000 participants attended the masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, sponsored by the Rothschild. It became the Illuminati headquarters.
  • 1784 - Illuminati exposed and subsequently banned by Bavarian government, along with all other secret societies
    • Most members fled to other countries, further spreading Illuminati philosophy
    • Adam Weishaupt started writing Illuminati books under the sponsorship of Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
  • Skull and Bones and other secret associations were established inside Universities, as recruiting arms of the Illuminati.


“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” –David Rockefeller in his own book Memoirs

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” –Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife

“There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” –President John F. Kennedy 7 days before his assassination

“Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” –Ben Rich, former Lockheed CEO

Popular culture[]

Many celebrities in the music industry claim to be members of the Illuminati, but they usually only do this for attention. If they are members, they are most likely a part of the lower leagues.

  • The Illuminatus! Trilogy (1975) by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson popularized the Illuminati.
  • Illuminati: New World Order (1994) board game and trading card game was created by Steve Jacksons Games.

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