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InfoWars is a far-right American conspiracy theorist media platform owned by Alex Jones's Free Speech Systems LLC., founded in 1999. It posted the best conspiracy footage ever on the Bohemian Club, but has since become a pawn of the Trump Administration.

Bohemian Grove[]

One of the best conspiracies EVER posted by Alex Jones, along with British journalist, Jon Ronson —was the videotaping of Cremation of Care from Bohemian Grove, San Francisco, in year 2000.[1] The far reaching affects have Wikipedia standing up for the Bohemian Club as being founded by a Mark Twain book club of artsy fartsy “journalists and artists”[2] who—apparently, according to skeptics of the film footage say, were only conducting a “moch” [1] human sacrifice ritual.

Fake news[]

During the Trump scandal, which is pretty much his entire life, but at least during the Russia collusion scandal of 2017-present, Roger Stone admits administering fake news-or lies-through InfoWars.[3]

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