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The Apkallu made up seven demi-gods, viewed as wise sages in Sumerian culture, who taught mankind certain skills.

The Intelligent control conspiracy proposes that highly advanced beings or entities, are real and present and are coordinating real-time world government affairs.


The term "intelligent control", in the extraterrestrial sense, was used as early as 1901 by Nikola Tesla.[1] The concept can be applied to higher intelligences recorded in ancient scriptures, and to concepts found in the Ancient astronaut hypothesis. Vimanas and UFOs are considered to be under intelligent control. Some argue that these intelligences are not all extraterrestrial in origin, but may be indigenous to Earth in the form of Jinn.

Ancient ones[]

The following list of ancient ones are recorded from various scriptures and holy writings from around the world, from India, to Egypt, to Meso-america. They are often indicated to have aided mankind’s development. Higher intelligences are often demonized in Christian teachings to be the evil spirits who are “ruling the air” and the governments:

  • Apkallu, the Seven Sages (Sumerian)
  • Akrij (Akhrij, Sanskrit "wise-men")
  • Akriw (Egyptian) "nine beings of wisdom"
  • Nagas (Serpent humanoid leaders)
  • Quetzalcoatl (Many variations of this name, expressing a winged serpent deity (or deities) in Mesoamerican legends).
  • Royal or princely winged humanoids (possibly angelic)
    • Anunna (Sumerian)
    • Jatayu (Hinduism)
    • Miamchi (Tibetan: མིའམ་ཅི་, Wylie: mi'am ci) OR 'shang-shang' (Tibetan: ཤང་ཤང, Wylie: shang shang) (Sanskrit: civacivaka).
    • Harpy (Greek)


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