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The Jesus was married conspiracy derives from an interpretation of The Gospel of Philip which states that Jesus preferred the companionship of Mary Magdalene over any of the other disciples. The suggestion is an upset to Christians whose belief in Jesus’ is someone of a celibate nature.


Fritz Springmeier notes that a Satanic House of David in the Illuminati believe that their bloodline is from the lineage of Jesus and his brother, Lucifer.[1]

There are gaps in the papyrus paper of which the Gospel of Philip is on. Though it does not state that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene on the mouth, it says that he kissed her. The book never states that the two were married, nor does the kiss reference indicate a sexual connotation.

However, this is enough for some to believe that the two were secretly married. The concept goes against mainstream Bible teachings and is hotly debated between Christians and those who believe in the Christ bloodline. It is even claimed that the Vatican Secret Archives has documented evidence for Jesus’ marriage and offspring.

Pop culture[]

The Da vinci Code

The Jesus was married theory was featured in Dan Brown’s fictional book, The Da Vinci Code. In the novel, the Opus Dei had been protecting the secret that Jesus was married and had a daughter.