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Jonas Valley between Crawinkel and Arnstadt

The Jonas Valley conspiracy (Jonastal) concerns an abandoned underground NS construction project in the Ilm-Kreis district of Germany, before the end of World War II. Between November 1944 and April 1945, thousands of prisoners from the Buchenwald concentration camp, under the command of SS General Hans Kammler, were forced to dig 25 tunnels into the surrounding mountain. The whole operation was performed under the strictest secrecy. It is believed to be a possible center for V-2 rocket and Wunderwaffe weapon production and research. Some have also proposed it as a potential final headquarters for Adolf Hitler.[1]

Dates tell all


In ufology, Jonastal (Jonas Valley) appears to have all the hallmarks for Nazi UFO research and development—secrecy, underground, embedded in a mountain. Thus, the underground area has been nicknamed S III by enthusiasts. However, Robert Dale Arndt, Jr. reminds that Nazi UFO research and development (Reichsflugscheiben) began as early as 1920, with some of the first models reportedly produced in the late 1930s. One known site is Heuneburg, from which the Hauneburg Device comes from. According to SS (Schutzstaffel) Development Center IV mentioned in the Haunebu II plans, the Kraftstrahlkanone, some type of “beam cannon”, had to be 110% ready by 1944. If there were any plans to use this site for Reichsflugscheibe (UFO) use, its possible that that they could have had Haunebu III in mind. But since Jonastal site construction had been abandoned, it is rather unlikely to find any UFO artifacts at this site.

The name attribution “S III” for the Jonastal project (November 1944—April 1945) is dubious at best, as it piggytails off of Robert Lazar’s S-4 at Area 51. To date, all known authored works concerning “S III” have been published a decade after Lazar’s 1989 clams.

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