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Kōki Ishii was a Japanese politician and anti-corruption activist murdered in suspicious circumstances in 2002.


On the 25th of October, 2002, Ishii was stabbed to death by Ito Hakusui, a local criminal, who claimed Ishii had refused to pay a bribe. The police didn't investigate further, as Ito had 'personal' motivations for the murder.

Evidence for a Conspiracy[]

  • Noriyuki Imanishi, an investigative journalist, claims that Ishii told him just before his death that he had "discovered something terrible." His wife and staffers reported that Ishii made similar statements to them before his death.
  • Ishii had been about to make an address to the Diet when he was murdered, and that day he was going to the Diet to deposit confidential papers. In the chaos after the murder, his briefcase was emptied by an unknown person.
  • In 2008, Ito renounced his sworn testimony that there were "personal" motives for the assassination, and now claims that he had been hired to kill Ishii.
  • According to Diet member Nobuto Hosaka, there were a number of suspicious circumstances surrounding the murder. Hosaka wrote on his blog that the police squad in charge of the murder did not do even simple things like swabbing for fingerprints, and that Ishii's diary also went missing at some point after his murder. For Hosaka, the single most disturbing thing is that reporters had called him asking about Ito immediately after the murder, a full day before any suspects had been announced.