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Lolita Express conspiracy is a private express that is engaged in transporting VIPs and presidential personnel to a private island, dubbed "Orgy Island".[1]


Lolita Express was founded by convicted pedophile and sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, of which was established a few years after the Iran–Contra affair. The Express destines frequently to a private island that is not owned by Jeffrey Epstein. Since Epstein's capture and arrest in 2019, he is no longer directly involved in the transportation process. The name "Lolita" is the queue word for pedophilia activity.[2]

The private island is nicknamed "Orgy Island" where abducted children and adults are trafficked to perform sexual acts for high ranking leaders, presidential cabinets, and VIPs. Since Epstein's capture, UNSC investigators have been verifying a Dossier listing names of everyone involved.[3]