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This conspiracy is historical fact.

Manchurian Candidate conspiracy involves individuals who are brainwashed by Big government to commit an assassination. Some believe that Lee Harvey Oswald and Mark David Chapman might have been Manchurian Candidates in the killings of John F. Kennedy and John Lennon.


Lee harvey oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald, believed to be a Manchurian Candidate after his assassination of President John F. Kennedy

In the United States, Manchurian Candidates are used to conduct covert operations against subjects who are deemed a threat to national security, upon investigation by the intelligence community. They are typically outfitted to be assassins. What sets them apart from trained assassins, is that the Manchurian Candidate is programmed from youth, to undergo brain washing "trigger" techniques. They may only perform one killing or assassination in their whole entire life, used as "pawn", when "activated". The Manchurian Candidate is "disposable".[1]

After killing their victim, the Manchurian Candidate snaps out perceived reality, and has no idea what just happened or what they did. They often become a ‘fall guy’ in a chess game of the Military Industrial Complex.[2]