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Some believe this photo shows a martian.

The Mars conspiracy charges NASA for doctoring Mars images that may have given evidence for life on Mars, such as water sources, planet occupation, and ancient extraterrestrial habitations or civilizations.

Breathable air[]

Assignments and researchers of Project Pegasus and Montauk Project, claim that Mars has a breathable surface, but not nearly as much oxygen as it is at sea level on Earth.[1][2] According to Andrew Basiago, MARS oxygen is formed from its lithosphere.[3] In a 2016 report, manganese was found in Mars basalt rock, which led researchers to discover rocks filled with manganese oxides in the region of Caribou. For manganese to exist, the right environmental conditions must be in effect, which points to oxygen. After certain processes, the bi-product of Oxygen would be released into the atmosphere in order to produce the manganese.[4]

In 2016, NASA researchers reported having detected atomic oxygen in Mars' atmosphere, with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). The oxgyen atoms were found in the Martian upper atmosphere, known as the mesosphere. "Atomic oxygen in the Martian atmosphere is notoriously difficult to measure," said SOFIA project scientist, Pamela Marcum. "To observe the far-infrared wavelengths needed to detect atomic oxygen, researchers must be above the majority of Earth’s atmosphere and use highly sensitive instruments, in this case a spectrometer. SOFIA provides both capabilities." The Earth’s skies are dense and moist, making it extremely difficult to accurately see the Universe lying beyond it.[5]


Artist depiction of mars

Scientists believe Mars may have once held been a habitable world. Indeed there is evidence to suggest that life, or at the very least, water existed. In the 1800s the theory that life still existed emerged. William Whewell believed he spotted Canals on Mars. However the belief was, for the most part, quelled by William Wallace Campbell in 1894 when he showed there was neither water or oxygen present.


Valles Marineris NASA World Wind map Mars

Valles Marineris topographic view constructed from MOLA altimetry data.

Richard C. Hoagland proposed that the various obscure Martian images received, are monuments that were perhaps built by ancient civilizations. It is also proposed that the Sadonia regions had suffered atomic devastation as indicated by glazes of trinitite. A Tennessee lady reported having received a message from an obscure figure who claimed that Mars and Earth were at war, and that Earth destroyed the surface of Mars (See Valles Marineris, what looks like a "large gash" across its face). In the close of the message, the Martians captured Terran souls and condemned them to be recycled on Earth forever to be "dead forever".[6]

Space program[]

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The US Space-time program can be traced back to 1947. It was absorbed into NASA and DARPA. It was under the defense program that Project Pegasus achieved successful organic teleportations to Mars as early as the '60s. An estimated 140 children were used in experimental teleportation jumps to Mars. The success of the jumps have allowed colonization on Mars, but to keep the secrecy, the colonies are located in underground bases.

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