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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[1]

Human experimentation[]

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MIT, Cereal, and Human Experimentation

In the 1940s Quaker Oats and MIT collaborated on the study of the absorption of vitamins and minerals. They recruited disadvantaged kids at the Fernald State School to join the “Science Club” and fed them radioactive iron and calcium without their knowledge.[1]

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End of our civilization[]

Compare: Mr. Computer

Thirty years later, MIT wanted to know how long the world would last. So in 1973, they developed a computer program to model global sustainability. It predicted that by 2040 our modern civilization would end.[1] Interestingly, Nostradamus had predicted the end of civilization after a great and horrible war, that some have interpreted to be fulfilled by by year 2029. Could current events ushering towards 2029, lead to the end of our modern civilization by 2040 as predicted by MIT?

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