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#MeToo is a movement that blames men for women's deficiencies. As per this movement if a women does something wrong, then it is a man's fault. Also, as per this movement, if a women accuses a man, then the man becomes automatically guilty. It is promoted and spread by the mainstream media, aligned with the US Democratic party.

Before the #Metoo movement started, there were real social justice movements. They were named Occupy movement and We are 99%. These activist movements were suppressed by the mainstream media and police.

Even laws against 24/7 protesting in public parks were passed, to derail the Occupy movements. These occupy movements included occupy Wall Street and Occupy London, which were obviously a threat to the Wall street financial institutions and London financial institutions.

Other activist movements that were censored while promoting MeToo, are Black Lives Matter, Anti-Police brutality, etc. In total, 800 Facebook pages, plus a few hundred accounts were blacked. This online censorship started with the blocking of Alex Jones and his publisher, Info Wars.