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Men in Black conspiracy are Big government agents who are responsible for containing foreign elements.


The Movie industry makes stupid ass movies of 'Men in Black' to make out Men in Black encounters as hoaxes.

Men in Black are not just associated with the United States, as the general populous believes, but are affluent within each of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

Most of the reports of Men in Black have come from the United States since the 1950s, mostly because the US has the most leaks than any other country in the world.[1] One of the earliest reported experiences of Men in Black, was from Albert K. Bender, followed by Harold Dahl, who profess to having been encountered by or harassed by Men in Black in some way. Researchers on the subject are John Keel and David Icke.


Men in Black are essentially the “bogeymen” of each intelligence community in the Big Five (P5). They are trained assassins that use unconventional means to take out their targets, so that the deaths of their victims look like suicides. In the case of James Forrestal, his death was seemingly a self-induced hanging. But due to inconsistencies in evidence and details, family members close to him believe it was murder. This is a common characteristic in many inconclusive induced methods of death. More recently was the death of Max Spiers in Poland.

In the United States, the MiB are suspect of being behind the deaths of people such as James Forrestal[2] Frank Olsen, Phil Schneider, and Karla Turner.[3][4]

Manchurian candidates[]

Not only do the Men in Black protect shadow programs such as MKUltra in the US, but they may also be Manchurian candidates themselves. They are tactical operatives who, when given the order, “awaken” to take out their targets. It is highly doubtful that the MiB have a secret badge, for a secret HQ, to do secret handshakes. They can be anyone, anywhere, alone, or in groups to carry out a tactical order anywhere in the world.

Disinformation campaign[]

It may be considered that the Hollywood Men in Black movie franchise was put in play to diminish the serious nature of this group (See Science Fiction).